Video| Israeli MK pulls a gun on two Palestinian workers at car park

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Far-Right Israeli Member of the Knesset Itamar Ben-Gvir on Tuesday pulled a gun on two Palestinian security guards in a car park in Tel Aviv in 1948-occupied Palestine.

Video footage of the incident that went viral on social media shows Ben-Gvir threatening two Palestinian workers at a car park.

Ben-Gvir pulls out his gun and yells at one of the guards in a threatening tone: “I’ll take care of you,” after they told him he had parked in a restricted spot.

Ben-Gvir was attending an event by Rabbi Meir Mazuz, a controversial figure who recently blamed Soviets and Reform Jews for destroying “the people of Israel.”

This started when Ben-Gvir’s driver parked in a plot not designated for parking.

The two Palestinians appear to ask Ben-Gvir not to park in a prohibited area. However, the argument heated up within minutes.

Ben-Gvir accused the guards of threatening him with “harsh words”, and claimed that he pulled his gun when he felt “threatened”, calling the Israeli occupation police, according to Israeli Ynet.

The Knesset security chief summoned Ben-Gvir for a talk on Wednesday, Israeli media reported, saying lawmakers called for further investigation into the circumstances of the incident, with a focus on Ben Gvir’s suitability to have a gun permit.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

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