Israeli government: 27,050 new foreign colonizers settled in Palestine in 2021

59 zionist mercenaries move to Palestine to joint the Israeli army on the August 17, 2015 from New York

Statistics by the Israeli government stated that the largest number of new colonizers came from North America with 4400 settlers

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Numbers of Zionist colonizers moving to Palestine increased in 2021 to reach 27,050 settlers, who came from different countries, mostly from North America, statistics by the Israeli government as well as “The Jewish Agency for Israel” and “Nefesh B’Nefesh” settlement organizations stated on Wednesday.

The new numbers set a new record with a 30% increase over last year. Most colonizers are US citizens with 4,000 zionist settlers, who moved to Palestine with the assistance of “Nefesh B’Nefesh” settler organization.

The numbers also show a 40% jump of colonizers coming from France this year compared to 2020, with the arrival of 3,500 settlers.

Colonizers’ figures for 2021 also included 7,500 settlers from Russia this year, an increase of 10% from 2020; 3,000 settlers from Ukraine, and 1,636 settlers from Ethiopia.

Other significant sources of colonizers this year include 900 colonizers from Argentina, 650 colonizers from the United Kingdom, 550 colonizers from Brazil, 550 colonizers from South Africa, and 290 colonizers from Mexico.

Most colonizers settled in Tel Aviv, which was built on the ruins of several Palestinian displaced and ethnically cleansed villages in 1948.

Occupied Jerusalem, which has been going through a brutal Israeli operation to ethnically cleanse the rest of native Palestinians, comes second. Other colonizers were settled in other places including West Bank settlements, according to the statistics.

Israeli government and zionists refer to the waves of colonizers, who move to Palestine from their original countries and get the Israeli nationality as “olim” and refer to the act of moving to Palestine to colonize it as “Aliya”, which is a religious term that literally means “ascent”.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

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