Israeli authorities end solitary confinement of 2 female prisoners following detainees’ escalation

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has ended the solitary confinement of Marah Bakir and Shorouq Dayyat and reduced punitive measures against female detainees, said the Palestinian Detainees Association on Wednesday. This comes following escalating measures taken by detainees in all Israeli prisons.

The information bureau of the detainees’ movement added that the IPS reopened the female detainees’ sections and gave back electric devices, which were previously confiscated.

Female detainees have been requesting their right to get phone calls and to remove surveillance cameras, which are placed inside cells.

They also demand visitations by their families, as IPS has denied them their right of visitation, and not to be held with Israeli criminal detainees.

Detainees in all Israeli prisons adopted yesterday a stabbing attack against an Israeli jailer and said it was performed in retaliation for violations committed against female detainees. They added that they will take escalating measures if violations continue.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

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