Army Abducts Fourteen Palestinians, Shoots Two, In West Bank

Israeli soldiers invaded and ransacked, on Thursday at dawn, many homes, and abducted fourteen Palestinians, including siblings, in addition to shooting two, in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

In Nablus, in northern West Bank, the soldiers searched homes in Burqa village, northwest of the city, before abducting two Palestinians, identified as Haitham, 23, and his brother Ahmad Yousef Abu al-Leil, 30.

The soldiers also invaded Asira ash-Shamaliya town, north of Nablus, before abducting two siblings identified as Monadel Mohammad and Mofadda Sa’ada.

In Tulkarem, in northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Mahmoud Motea’ Salit while crossing the Ennab military roadblock, east of the city.

In Jenin, also in northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded and searched many homes of the Silat al-Harithiya town, northwest of the city, before abducting Mohammad Mahdi Abu al-Kheir, Mohammad Aahed Abu al-Kheir, and Fuad Abdul-Rahman Jaradat.

The soldiers also isolated Burqa village, north of Jenin, after placing sandhills at its entrance, preventing the Palestinians from entering or leaving it.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted Mohammad Nour Bani Odah from his home in Tammoun town, south of Tubas in northeastern West Bank.

In Salfit, in the central West Bank, the soldiers abducted Mo’men Mohammad Mer’ey, 26, Bilal Ali ‘Aasi, 26, and Ali Mahmoud ‘Aasi, 24.

In addition, the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank, and abducted two young men, identified as Mohammad Elias Shahin and Emad Hussein Shahin, from their homes, and took them to the nearby Etzion military base.

The invasion led to protests before Israeli sharpshooters occupied the rooftop of Ebda’ Cultural Center and shot a young man with live rounds in both of his legs.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians, Shoot One, In Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem in the central occupied West Bank, and abducted two young men, in addition to shooting one with live fire.

Media sources said several army jeeps invaded the refugee camp before the soldiers stormed and ransacked homes.

They added that the soldiers abducted Mohammad Elias Shahin and Emad Hussein Shahin, from their homes, and took them to the nearby Etzion military base.

The invasion led to protests before Israeli sharpshooters occupied the rooftop of Ebda’ Cultural Center and shot a young man, one in both of his legs.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Far Right Knesset Member Pulls A Gun On Palestinians Over A Parking Spot

Ben Gvir, far-right Israeli parliament member and follower of Jewish supremacist Meir Kahane was caught on video waving a gun at two Palestinian parking lot attendants and yelling slurs. Both in their early twenties, Mohammed Issa, and Mohammed Shweiki were working in Tel Aviv when they encountered Ben-Gvir and asked him to move his illegally parked car. Tuesday a video was posted to Twitter.

“Shwaiki told WAFA that Itamar Ben Gvir stepped out of a vehicle and began shouting profanities and yelling anti-Arab and Palestinian slurs at them and tried to physically attack them before asking his escort to bring his weapon which he pointed at their faces. He said that Itamar Ben Gvir called the Israeli police, telling them that there are two Palestinian dogs threatening and beating me up.” Shwaiki noted that they videotaped the whole incident, where Mohammed Issa can be heard telling Itamar Ben Gvir “you pulled your weapon on me, everything is videotaped, I didn’t do anything to you.” Reports Wafa news agency. 

This is not the first time Ben Gvir has made threats that made the news. In 2007, Ben Gvir was convicted in a Jerusalem court of incitement to racism and for support of a terrorist organization. Gvir, who referred to himself as a Meir Kahane spokesperson was found guilty of carrying signs that read, “Expel the Arab enemy” and “Rabbi Kahane was right: The Arab MKs are a fifth column.” He was acquitted on similar charges for chanting “Death to the Arabs” after a bombing in Jerusalem.

When the video emerged of Ben-Gvir yelling slurs at two Palestinian parking lot attendants, Michel Rozin, also a Knesset member, but a proponent of left-wing ideas said on Twitter-

“When a terrorist supporter is brought into the Knesset, don’t act surprised when he pulls out a gun,” referring to Ben-Givr’s history of support to American Rabbi Meir Kahane’s political party, a far right Israeli group who has been designated as a terrorist organization by Israel and the United States. Reports The Daily Beast.   

“The Kahanist Ben-Gvir was convicted of supporting a terrorist organization. Today, under the cover of immunity as an MK, he calls for the murder of Arab citizens and threatens them with firearms…A pistol that is waved in the first act, will be fired in the third. There is no room for this terrorist behavior in the Knesset of Israel,” Meretz Party stated in a report by Jerusalem Post.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers killed, on Wednesday evening, a young Palestinian man from the al-Am’ari refugee camp, south of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. Media sources stated that the Palestinian was shot by the soldiers in the al-Biereh nearby city.

In a statement, the Israeli army claimed that its soldiers were looking for Palestinians who were spotted approaching the Psagot colony and fired a few live rounds.

It added that its soldiers then invaded the outskirts of al-Biereh city looking for Palestinians, before they came under fire from a passing vehicle, and fired at the car, wounding a young man.

The slain Palestinian was not the driver but was apparently on the passenger side of the vehicle; no soldiers were injured in the incident.

Israeli sources said “it is believed” that the slain Palestinian was the one who fired the shots at Psagot. However, the allegation cannot be verified and remains speculation on the part of the Israeli military.

The invasion into al-Biereh led to protests before the army fired many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and concussion grenades.

After Mohammad’s death, dozens of Palestinians marched to Palestine Medical Complex while chanting against the illegal Israeli occupation and its constant violations.

On Wednesday night, dozens of soldiers invaded the Sateh Marhaba area in the al-Biereh city and initiated a comprehensive search campaign.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Video| Israeli MK pulls a gun on two Palestinian workers at car park

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Far-Right Israeli Member of the Knesset Itamar Ben-Gvir on Tuesday pulled a gun on two Palestinian security guards in a car park in Tel Aviv in 1948-occupied Palestine.

Video footage of the incident that went viral on social media shows Ben-Gvir threatening two Palestinian workers at a car park.

Ben-Gvir pulls out his gun and yells at one of the guards in a threatening tone: “I’ll take care of you,” after they told him he had parked in a restricted spot.

Ben-Gvir was attending an event by Rabbi Meir Mazuz, a controversial figure who recently blamed Soviets and Reform Jews for destroying “the people of Israel.”

This started when Ben-Gvir’s driver parked in a plot not designated for parking.

The two Palestinians appear to ask Ben-Gvir not to park in a prohibited area. However, the argument heated up within minutes.

Ben-Gvir accused the guards of threatening him with “harsh words”, and claimed that he pulled his gun when he felt “threatened”, calling the Israeli occupation police, according to Israeli Ynet.

The Knesset security chief summoned Ben-Gvir for a talk on Wednesday, Israeli media reported, saying lawmakers called for further investigation into the circumstances of the incident, with a focus on Ben Gvir’s suitability to have a gun permit.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Israeli settlers uproot over 350 olive trees in Palestinian-owned lands in Hebron

Hebron (QNN)- Extremist Israeli settlers on Thursday uprooted and vandalized over 350 Olive trees in Palestinian-owned lands in Masafer Yatta and Tarqumiyah in Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

Local residents said that extremist Israeli settlers who came from the illegal settlement outpost of Avigayil in the Southern Hebron Hills destroyed a one-donum-and-a-half land planted with over 60 olive trees, aged four years, belonging to Palestinian resident Ahmad Hamada.

In Tarqumiyah town, the settlers uprooted 300 olive saplings belonging to Palestinian resident Atta Ja‘afra and his brother, Aziz.

Palestinians plant around 10,000 new olive trees in the West Bank each year, most of which are of oil-pro­duc­ing varieties.

However, Palestinians see the destruc­tion of their trees, stealing, and settlers attacks while harvestin as ways for the occupation to erase Palestinian iden­tity and force them to cede more land to ‘Israel’.

According to United Nations mon­i­tors, more than 4,000 olive trees and other tree crops have been burned or removed by Israeli set­tlers and forces in 2020.

The committee against the wall and settlement on Sunday said Israeli forces uprooted, broke, and damaged 6507 trees in 869 operations in 2020.

The ancient olive trees are regarded by Palestinians as a symbol of their connection to the land. Each year, during the olive harvesting season, such incidents spike across the occupied West Bank.

There are over 700,000 Israeli settlers living in 256 illegal settlements and outposts scattered across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

Olives are Palestine’s most important crop, whose oil is exported around the globe and whose annual harvest is a crucial source of income for thousands of farming families.

Olive cultivation contributes up to $100 million in income for some of the poorest Palestinian communities, OXFAM once said in a report.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Watch| Grieving crowd takes part in funeral of Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli forces

Ramallah (QNN)- Hundreds of grieving Palestinian mourners participated on Thursday in the funeral of Palestinian youth Muhammad Issa Abbas who was killed after Israeli forces opened fire at him in the West Bank city of Al Bireh during a night raid.

26-year-old Muhammad, from Al Am’ari refugee camp in Ramallah, succumbed to wounds he sustained after being shot by the Israeli forces during a raid on the Al Bireh town.

He was rushed to a hospital to get urgent medical treatment and to save his life. However, he was announced dead, hours later.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported the Israeli occupation forces shot Abbas in the back.

Following Abbas’s death, dozens of peaceful Palestinians demonstrated against his killing. However, the occupation forces brutally dispersed the demonstrations.

Israeli forces killing of Abbas came just one day after their killing of 22-year-old Hekmat Abdul Aziz Musa, from the village of Mirka, as the forces fired gunshots at his vehicle’s fuel tank at the military checkpoint of Dothan, near Ya’bad town, in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. He was burnt alive as a result of the explosion of his vehicle’s fuel tank, and his body was confiscated by the Israeli occupation forces.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

In one night, Israeli forces arrest 14 Palestinians during raids across occupied West Bank

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces arrested 14 Palestinians overnight during raids across the occupied West Bank on Wednesday.

Local sources said the forces raided several areas across the occupied West Bank, searched Palestinians houses, turning them upside-down before arresting 14 Palestinians.

In Nablus, the forces arrested two brothers after raiding their house in the Burqa town. They also arrested two others after ransacking their family houses in the town of Asira ash-Shamaliya.

In Jenin, the forces raided Silat al-Harithiya town, west of the city, arresting three others.

In Salfit, the force raided the Qarawat Bani Hassan town, northwest of the city, and detained three others at the predawn.

In Tulkarm, the Israeli occupation soldiers at the Anabta checkpoint, east of Tulkarm, also stopped and detained a Palestinian.

In Tubas, the forces arrested another Palestinian from Tammun town, south of the city.

In Bethlehem, the forces raided the Dheisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, where they arrested two others.

Israeli occupation forces frequently raid Palestinian houses almost on a daily basis across the West Bank on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians.

There are 4550 Palestinians held in Israeli occupation jails, including 32 women, 170 minors, and 500 administrative detainees held without charge or trial.

In November only, Israeli occupation forces arrested 402 Palestinians, including 66 children and 3 women.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Israeli government: 27,050 new foreign colonizers settled in Palestine in 2021

59 zionist mercenaries move to Palestine to joint the Israeli army on the August 17, 2015 from New York

Statistics by the Israeli government stated that the largest number of new colonizers came from North America with 4400 settlers

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Numbers of Zionist colonizers moving to Palestine increased in 2021 to reach 27,050 settlers, who came from different countries, mostly from North America, statistics by the Israeli government as well as “The Jewish Agency for Israel” and “Nefesh B’Nefesh” settlement organizations stated on Wednesday.

The new numbers set a new record with a 30% increase over last year. Most colonizers are US citizens with 4,000 zionist settlers, who moved to Palestine with the assistance of “Nefesh B’Nefesh” settler organization.

The numbers also show a 40% jump of colonizers coming from France this year compared to 2020, with the arrival of 3,500 settlers.

Colonizers’ figures for 2021 also included 7,500 settlers from Russia this year, an increase of 10% from 2020; 3,000 settlers from Ukraine, and 1,636 settlers from Ethiopia.

Other significant sources of colonizers this year include 900 colonizers from Argentina, 650 colonizers from the United Kingdom, 550 colonizers from Brazil, 550 colonizers from South Africa, and 290 colonizers from Mexico.

Most colonizers settled in Tel Aviv, which was built on the ruins of several Palestinian displaced and ethnically cleansed villages in 1948.

Occupied Jerusalem, which has been going through a brutal Israeli operation to ethnically cleanse the rest of native Palestinians, comes second. Other colonizers were settled in other places including West Bank settlements, according to the statistics.

Israeli government and zionists refer to the waves of colonizers, who move to Palestine from their original countries and get the Israeli nationality as “olim” and refer to the act of moving to Palestine to colonize it as “Aliya”, which is a religious term that literally means “ascent”.

(Source / 23.12.2021)

Israeli authorities end solitary confinement of 2 female prisoners following detainees’ escalation

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has ended the solitary confinement of Marah Bakir and Shorouq Dayyat and reduced punitive measures against female detainees, said the Palestinian Detainees Association on Wednesday. This comes following escalating measures taken by detainees in all Israeli prisons.

The information bureau of the detainees’ movement added that the IPS reopened the female detainees’ sections and gave back electric devices, which were previously confiscated.

Female detainees have been requesting their right to get phone calls and to remove surveillance cameras, which are placed inside cells.

They also demand visitations by their families, as IPS has denied them their right of visitation, and not to be held with Israeli criminal detainees.

Detainees in all Israeli prisons adopted yesterday a stabbing attack against an Israeli jailer and said it was performed in retaliation for violations committed against female detainees. They added that they will take escalating measures if violations continue.

(Source / 23.12.2021)