Pictures| After 19 years of imprisonment in Israeli jails, Palestinian ex-prisoner is free

Gaza Strip (QNN)- After serving 19 years of imprisonment in Israeli jails, Palestinian ex-prisoner, Hussein Zuraei, from Deir el-Balah, in the center of the Gaza Strip, has been released on Monday evening.

The 41-year-old Palestinian ex-prisoner Hussein Zuraei was arrested on 20 December, 2002, during Israel’s invasion of the centeral area of the Gaza Strip.

On the same day of his arrest, the Israeli forces bombed his family’s house in Deir el-Balah. His father was also killed by Israeli forces in 2002.

Following his release, Zuraei was warmly welcomed by loved ones in his hometown of Deir el-Balah.

Celebrations were spontaneous as relatives, neighbors and friends of the Zuraei converge on his home to greet and welcome him.

Zuraei also celebrated his engagement with his fiancee who had waited for him to be free.

(Source / 22.12.2021)

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