Abu Hawwash’s family warns he may die any time

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- The family of Hisham Abu Hawwash warned that he is in a very serious condition and that he may die any time now. Abu Hawwash has been on a hunger strike for 128 days in protest against his illegal administrative detention.

In a vigil, held in front of Dora’s municipality in solidarity with Abu Hawwash, Imad Abu Hawwassh, Hisham’s brother, said that his health is deteriorating while the Israelis continue to reject requests to transfer him to a civilian hospital.

He also expressed concerns that Hisham may have an acute heart attack as he is being held in the clinic of the Ramleh prison, which is not prepared to treat his condition. He added that the Red Cross informed them that his condition is very hard and different from the conditions of other hunger-striking detainees.

According to the family, Hisham has stopped eating salt 48 hours ago, which could lead to Intestinal ischemia sudden cardiac failure.

Imad Abu Hawwash added that doctors in Israeli prisons are not part of the Israeli ministry of health, which makes it easy for them to forcefully inject Hisham with vitamins.

Forceful injections are illegal under international law and they could lead to the death of those injected.

(Source / 22.12.2021)

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