Detainees: Nafha stabbing attack is only initial response to IPS assaults against female detainees

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The National Detainees Movement said that female detainees are a red line and any assaults against them would explode the situation inside and outside Israeli prisons.

The movement added in a statement issued today that the operation was an initial retaliation and it will not be the last unless the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) meets the demands of the detainees and return them to their sections.

The movement also called on the Palestinian people to march in solidarity with female detainees under the slogan “female detainees are a red line” as of next Friday. It added that resistance factions should respond to the Israeli assaults against female detainees.

The statement called on international human rights organizations to seek answers on the fate of detainees in section 12 in Nafha desert prison as well as the date of the detainee Yousef Al Mabhouh, who carried out the retaliation operation.

Yesterday, Al Mabhouh stabbed an Israeli jailer after the Palestinian Detainees Association said that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) assaulted and severely beat female prisoners and isolated three of them.

It added that according to certain information, the IPS cut the power off, removed Hijabs of hijabi detainees, and used tear gas against the detainees. It also denied them visitations and prevented them from using the prison canteen. The detainees, in returned their meals and knocked on the cells’ doors in protest against the Israeli repression.

Resistance factions said that what was committed against female detainees in Israeli prisons is a heinous crime and a blatant violation, stressing that “those violations will not go unpunished.”

(Source / 21.12.2021)

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