Resistance: All options are open to defend female detainees

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The head of Hamas’ bureau of martyrs, detainees, and injured Palestinians Affairs, Zaher Jabbarin, said that what was committed against female detainees in Israeli prisons is a heinous crime and a blatant violation, stressing that “those violations will not go unpunished.”

“Those violations will not go unpunished sooner or later and we will not allow signaling out detainees, as they will not be alone in their battle against the jailers’ repression”, Jabbarin said in a press release.

Hamas detainees’ supreme leadership has stopped all talks with the IPS after the Israeli crackdown on female prisoners in the Damon prison. The IPS had assaulted and severely beat female prisoners and isolated three of them.

The leadership said that it is in permanent session in order to retaliate for the blatant crime>

The supreme leadership of the Islamic Jihad detainees said that all options are open to defend female detainees.

“Although of our confrontations with the jailers, which is still open and heated since the execution of the Freedom tunnel operation [Gilboa Prison Break], our first priority now is our detained sisters and their dignity”, the leadership stated.”

It added that IJ members in all Israeli prisons are ready to retaliate and make the jailers pay the price for their ongoing assaults against female detainees.

In the same vein, the member of the PFLP, Maher Mizher, told QNN that attacking the female detainees is a powder-keg that can explode at any time and the occupation should hold responsibility for its savage assaults.

(Source / 20.12.2021)

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