Israeli occupation forces to demolish three prisoners’ family houses

Israeli occupation forces to demolish three prisoners' family houses

The Israeli occupation forces stormed Al-Silat Al-Harithiya town, west of Jenin, and broke into local houses on Sunday night.
Eyewitnesses affirmed that IOF soldiers in nearly 20 Israeli military vehicles forced their way into the town and deployed in large numbers throughout its neighborhoods.

The soldiers stormed two houses, belonging to the brothers Ghaith and Omar Jaradat, and their uncle Muhammad Youssef Jaradat, who were earlier arrested for being allegedly involved in a shooting attack last Friday, and took measurements of the houses as a prelude to demolish them.

Also on Sunday, the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) ordered the confiscation of 20 dunums of a Palestinian-owned land in the Khillet Hassan area of Salfit governorate under the pretext of being “state property”.

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Salfit governor Abdullah Kamil said that the IOA confiscation policy in the Khillet Hassan area fall in line with the Israeli settlement expansion plans.

Kamil called on the international community to put an end to the Israeli escalated settlement construction at the expense of Palestinian lands in flagrant violation of the Geneva conventions and international laws.

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(Source / 20.12.2021)

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