Israeli authorities dismantle structures in evacuated illegal settlement following resistance operation

West Bank (QNN)- Israeli media reported that the occupation army has dismantled structures at the evacuated illegal settlement of Homesh Yeshiva on the road between Nablus and Jenin today.

They added that Israeli settlers had started constructing a religious school in the evacuated settlement aiming at re-occupy the area.

The Israeli move to dismantle the school comes a few days after a resistance operation in the illegal settlement.

The decision outraged settlers in tge West Bank, who said that the Israeli authorities reward the resistance.

Itmar Ben Gvir, a settler knesset member, said “Bennett’s government is rewarding terrorism by dismantling tge school.”

The Israeli army had evacuated the settlement in 2005 following a series of resistance operations that caused its settlers to escape.

(Source / 19.12.2021)

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