Israeli calls for lynching attacks on Nablus villages today

Yesterday, Israelis carried out lynching attacks on natives in Qaryout and Burqa. Wael Miqbel and his wife were lynched and left with severe wounds after the Israelis failed to kidnap or kill them

Occupied Nablus (QNN)- Israeli settler groups called for gathering to carry out lynching attacks on villages in the West Bank city of Nablus today.

On the other hand, natives in Nablus and nearby villages called to gather at the entrances to the targeted villages in order to protect them from the intended Israeli lynching attacks.

The Israeli attacks are planned to start at 5:00 pm Jerusalem time, as settlers announced.

Locals of Burqa have reportedly started gathering at the entrances to their village in order to protect it.

Yesterday, groups of armed Israelis attacked the villages of Burqa and Qaryout in occupied Nablus and tried to kill and kidnap native Palestinians. They have reportedly burnt 20 houses.

Loudspeakers of the village’s mosques called for help, which helped to save the lives of an elderly man and his wife in Qaryout.

(Source / 18.12.2021)

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