DRFM elections committee continues ballot recount to choose Gaza leadership

Fatah elections

Gaza-Gaza Post – The Elections Committee of the Democratic Reformists within Fatah Movement in Gaza continued on Saturday to count the votes of the voters at the Fatah onference to choose the movement’s leadership in Gaza City.

Spokesman for the organizational conference of the Fatah movement, Dr. Azzam Shaath, on Friday night, announced the close the ballot boxes, and the completion of the voting process for the election of the Council and the leadership of Gaza.

He confirmed the closure of the funds at five o’clock, by voters reached 95.6% of Numbers of members of the organizational conference of the Fatah movement in Gaza.

It is noteworthy that the polls closed at five o’clock on Friday evening, to elect the members of the Fatah movement’s council and leadership in Gaza, which started on Friday morning. 

The 95.6% included 621 members of the Organizational Conference, and 125 candidates, including 29 women, will be nominated for 64 seats in the leadership council, and the process of counting is scheduled to begin shortly.

The leaders of the Democratic Reformists within Fatah Movement confirmed that the success of the election of members of the Fatah movement’s council and leadership in Gaza is an indication of the success of the democratic ,which headed by leader Muhammad Dahlan.

(Source / 18.12.2021)

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