Calls to confront Israeli mob attacks on West Bank villages

A young man confronting an Israeli soldier during an Israeli mob attack on the village of Burqa on Friday December 17, 2021

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Popular committees called on Palestinians to confront Israeli mob attacks, which have seen a dramatic increase recently, especially in Nablus.

Popular committees called for gathering to confront attacks by settlers, who carry their lynching attacks with support from the Israeli army.

Settlers from the illegal settlement of Homesh gather and arrive in Palestinian villages in buses to carry out lynching attacks.

Yesterday, settlers attacked 20 houses in the village of Burqa and tried to kill and kidnap a family, however, villagers gathered and protected the family.

The settlers were armed. They burnt several structures and started fires in houses.

Villagers from Sebastia rushed to Burqa to protect its residents as soon as they heard their calls for help through mosques’ loudspeakers. However, the Israeli army started throwing tear gas canisters and opening fire at villagers.

(Source / 18.12.2021)

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