Breaking| Mosques urge for help against Israeli lynching attacks

a screenshot from a video footage showing a house in Burqa, which was burnt by Israelis on Friday

Occupied Nablus (QNN)- Mosques in the village of Burqa have started urging citizens for help as groups of armed Israelis started to carry out lynching attacks against native Palestinians.

In video footage, taken by one of Burqa’s residents, mosques’ loudspeakers of the village could be heard urging people to help confront a settlers’ attack against the village.

Israeli groups have been calling for lynching attacks in the villages of Burqa and Qaryout today. An attack has reportedly started on Burqa. Reports stated that residents, who gathered at the entrances of their village to defend it, were able to confront the attack.

Yesterday, groups of armed Israelis attacked both Nablus villages and tried to kill an elderly man called Wael Miqbel and his wife. They also burnt 20 houses.

(Source / 18.12.2021)

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