DRFM condemns PA’s arrest of Fatah youth leaders

DRFM condemns PA's arrest of Fatah youth leaders

West Bank-Gaza Post – Fateh’s Democratic Reform Faction – West Bank Leadership Council – denounced the Palestinian Authority’s detention of Fatah leadership, which violated Article 19 of the Palestinian Basic Law, which guarantees freedom of expression to all Palestinian citizens.

The Palestinian Authority is antagonizing Fatah activists at all levels, according to the statement, because of their adherence to Fateh’s Bylaws regarding “criticism of others and self-criticism,” as well as their belief that, no matter how long it takes, the time will come when Palestinian law protecting freedom of expression will be applied.

The statement reported that while Fateh’s Democratic Reformist  movement  in Gaza Strip is witnessing a free internal election to form new leadership through an organizational conference, as a model of what Fatah movement as a whole should be, the PA echelons in the West Bank still mistakenly believe that through arrests, repression and injustice, they will be able to to control our national liberation movement.

Fateh’s Reformist Faction called on releasing of all political detainees in PA prisons, particularly young leaders, as well as the rest of the detainees from all Palestinian factions and independents, emphasizing that such arrests have never succeeded in suppressing the free Palestinian voice, neither under Israeli occupation nor under the Authority.

(Source / 16.12.2021)

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