Israeli Knesset approves 3 laws against Palestinians

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The General Assembly of the Israeli occupation Knesset approved, at dawn today, 3 laws against Palestinians and political prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The occupation Knesset approved the Law to Strengthen the Prison Service with Soldiers, which Representative Sami Abu Shehadeh described it as a law directed against the Palestinians and targeting them.

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The law was approved by a vote of 60 to 59, which was supported by the Unified Representatives: Mansour Abbas, Walid Taha, Mazen Ghaneim, Iman Khatib, Ghaida Rinawi, and MKs from Meretz and the Labor Party.

The General Assembly of the Israeli Knesset also approved a law allowing the Israeli army to “send units of the police and security forces to reinforce them for national security purposes.”

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The Knesset General Assembly also approved a law giving the Israeli police and army the power to storm Palestinian homes without a court order. The law was approved by 60 votes to 58.

Representative Sami Abu Shehadeh described the laws as being rejected by all human rights organizations, pointing out that the Joint List’s position, in general, is a moral and patriotic stance that rejects revenge against the Palestinian society under the pretext of fighting violence and crime and does not accept the abuse of prisoners.

(Source / 14.12.2021)

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