Hamas condemns PA security forces’ attack on celebration of freed detainees

Days of Palestine – GazaHamas movement Sunday strongly condemns the Palestinian Authority’s security forces’ assault on Palestinians who celebrated the freedom of released Palestinian detainees, Mohammed Arif, from Tulkarm and Obada Qanis from Bethlehem. 

In a statement, Hamas said that the scathing attack on freed Palestinian detainees and Palestinians holding flags of the Palestinian factions is an aggressive action against the Palestinian people. Neither the PA’s security forces nor any other body is entitled to attack Palestinians. 

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Hamas called on Fatah and the Palestinian Authority to act wisely and respect the law and national norms. Hamas confirmed that the issue of the Palestinian detainees is a red line, and shedding the Palestinian blood is an unforgivable crime. 

“Once again that it will not be plunged into domestic disputes, and the national compass will continue to be directed towards resisting the Israeli occupation,” Hamas stressed.

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The Movement also called on the Palestinian people to provide protection for the freed Palestinian detainees, thus siding with the resistance that works towards their freedom in an honorable prisoner swap deal.

(Source / 13.12.2021)

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