370 European Parliamentarians call for an end to forced dispossession of Palestinians, referencing inequality and apartheid

370 European Parliamentarians from 21 countries and respective Parliaments from across Europe and the European Parliament (including from the UK) have written to European Foreign Ministers and the European Union’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borell calling on Europe to take immediate and concrete steps to prevent the displacement and forcible transfer of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian Territory and to actualise differentiation between illegal Israeli settlements in all dealings with Israel.

The Parliamentarians reference the latest escalation in Gaza and the “discriminatory reality in which Israelis and Palestinians have different and unequal rights” as a result of decades of occupation and of widespread forced dispossession and displacement faced by Palestinians, including in the neighbourhoods of occupied East Jerusalem such as Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan and other areas of the occupied Palestinian territory.

Their letter references Human Rights Watch’s report on Israeli apartheid, “which concludes that Israel has crossed a threshold such that its violations in the occupied Palestinian territories meet the legal definition of the crime of Apartheid according to the Rome Statute.”

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7 December 2021

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Dear High Representative Borrell, dear Foreign Ministers,

As Members of Parliament from across Europe and across political parties, we are deeply concerned about the current situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

We are alarmed by the latest escalation in Gaza, the civilian casualties on both sides and the devastating humanitarian consequences for the already hard-hit population in Gaza. We call upon both sides to protect all civilians and to keep them out of harm’s way, as well as to provide unhindered humanitarian access as mandated by international humanitarian law.

The last round of violence in Gaza, as well as across Israel and the occupied territories, makes clear that the status quo is untenable and that it is both urgent and imperative that we address the root causes of this flare-up.

Decades of occupation and dispossession have now resulted in a discriminatory reality in which Israelis and Palestinians have different and unequal rights. It is with great concern that we take note of the recent report by Human Rights Watch, which concludes that Israel has crossed a threshold such that its violations in the occupied Palestinian territories meet the legal definition of the crime of Apartheid according to the Rome Statute.

The widespread displacement and forcible transfer of Palestinians taking place across the West Bank, including imminently in the East Jerusalem neighbourhoods of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, are part of that reality.

Europe must work together with like-minded allies to challenge this status quo and to take robust steps to pave the way for a safer, just and democratic future for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Violations of international law, like the ones we witnessed unfolding, must come with robust consequences, in Israel-Palestine, as elsewhere. It is crucial that the EU and European governments support relevant international accountability efforts.

We stand firm in our support of stated European policy regarding the illegality of Israeli settlements and the importance of differentiating between Israel and the settlements in all relevant dealings, and we call upon Europe to upgrade and actualize its efforts in this regard.

We furthermore call on Europe to take immediate and concrete steps to prevent the displacement and forcible transfer of Palestinian families, especially in East Jerusalem.

In light of recent events we are concerned that the continuous occupation, the expansion of settlements and the absence of a peace process aimed at establishing a Palestinian state, will only lead to further violence and will jeopardize the safety and freedom of Palestinians as well as Israelis.

Yours sincerely,

Diane Abbott, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Debbie Abrahams, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Malik Ben Achour, PS, Belgium

Alviina Alametsä, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Finland

Gerard Álvarez, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Barry Andrews, Renew Europe, European Parliament, Ireland

Chris Andrews, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Maria Arena, Chair of Subcommittee on Human Rights, S&D, European Parliament, Belgium

Manon Aubry, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, France

Margrete Auken, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Denmark

Senator Ivana Bacik, Labour Party, Ireland

Carlo Back, Green Party, Luxembourg

Ulrike Bahr, SPD, Germany

Paula Barker, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit, Ireland

Montserrat Bassa i Coll, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Glen Bedingfield, Labour, Malta

Lord Jeremy Beecham, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Órfhlaith Begley, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Senator Guy Benarroche, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group, France

Senator Esther Benbassa, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group, France

Brando Benifei, S&D, European Parliament, Italy

Erik Bergkvist, S&D, European Parliament, Sweden

Clive Betts, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Malin Björk, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Sweden

Senator Frances Black, Independent, Ireland

Kirsty Blackman, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Rt Hon Baroness Tessa Blackstone, Labour Party, former Education Minister, United Kingdom

Paul Blomfield, former Shadow Minister for Exiting the European Union, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Baroness Christine Blower, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Crispin Blunt, Conservative Party, former Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and former Minister of State for Prisons, United Kingdom

Laura Boldrini, Former President of the Chamber of Deputies, PD, Italy

Manuel Bompard, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, France

Steven Bonnar, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Ioannis Bournous, Syriza, Greece

Senator Lynn Boylan, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw, Labour Party, former Middle East Minister, United Kingdom

John Brady, Party Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Mickey Brady, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Milan Brglez, former Speaker of the National Assembly, S&D, European Parliament, Slovenia

Saskia Bricmont, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Belgium

Deidre Brock, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Alan Brown, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Martin Browne, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Rt Hon Lord Malcolm Bruce of Bennachie, former Chair of the International Development Select Committee, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Rósa Björk Brynjólfsdóttir, Left-Green Movement, Iceland

Pat Buckley, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Richard Burgon, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Delara Burkhardt, S&D, European Parliament, Germany

Baroness Burt of Solihull, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Anne Sophie Callesen, De Radikale, Denmark

Rt Hon Lord Menzies Campbell of Pittenweem QC, Liberal Democrats, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats , United Kingdom

Fabíola Cardoso, Left Bloc, Portugal

José Maria Cardoso, Left Bloc, Portugal

Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrats, Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Political & Constitutional Reform, and Northern Ireland and former Scotland Secretary, United Kingdom

Matt Carthy, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Laura Castel i Fort, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Myriam Cecchetti, The Left, Luxembourg

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Sarah Champion, Chair of the International Development Select Committee, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Lord David Chidgey, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Sorca Clarke, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Sven Clement, President of the Pirate party, Luxembourg

Joan Collins, Independents 4 Change, Ireland

Catherine Connolly, Independent, Ireland

Rose Conway-Walsh, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn, Independent, former Leader of the Labour Party and former Leader of the Opposition, United Kingdom

Rt Hon Baroness Jean Corston, Labour Party, former Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, United Kingdom

Jorge Costa, Left Bloc, Portugal

Patrick Costello, Green Party, Ireland

Réada Cronin, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Seán Crowe, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Ciarán Cuffe, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Ireland

David Cullinane, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Lucía Muñoz Dalda, Unidas Podemos, Spain

Jakop Dalunde, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Sweden

Clare Daly, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Ireland

Pa Daly, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Rosa D’Amato, Non-attached Member, European Parliament, Italy

Maria das Graças Carvalho Dantas, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Martyn Day, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Senator Monique De Marco, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group, France

Özlem Demirel, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Germany

Lord Navnit Dholakia PC, Deputy Leader in the House of Lords, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Bruno Dias, The Portuguese Communist Party, Portugal

Jasper van Dijk, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Socialist Party, the Netherlands

Martin Docherty-Hughes, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Pearse Doherty, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Paul Donnelly, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Rt Hon Baroness Frances D’Souza CMG, Crossbench, former Lord Speaker at the House of Lords, United Kingdom

Lord Alf Dubs, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Pia Olsen Dyhr, Party Leader, Socialist People’s Party (SF), Denmark

Uffe Elbæk, Independent, Denmark

Julie Elliott, Labour Party, co-Chair of the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group, United Kingdom

Dessie Ellis, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Stéphanie Empain, Green Party, Luxembourg

Cornelia Ernst, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Germany

Ali Esbati, Left Party, Sweden

Tanja Fajon, S&D, European Parliament, Slovenia

Mairéad Farrell, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Stephen Farry, Deputy Leader Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Stefano Fassina, PD, Italy

Senator Jacques Fernique, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group, France

Moisés Ferreira, Left Bloc, Portugal

Margaret Ferrier, Independent, United Kingdom

John Finucane, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Luke Ming Flanagan, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Ireland

Senator Eileen Flynn, Independent, Ireland

Stephen Flynn, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Eva Flyvholm, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

Lotta Johnsson Fornarve, Deputy speaker, Left Party, Sweden

Rt Hon Lord Don Foster of Bath, Liberal Democrats, former Communities and Local Government Minister, United Kingdom

Kathleen Funchion, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Rt Hon Baroness Sue Garden of Frognal, former Government Whip, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Senator Paul Gavan, Sinn Féin, Ireland

George Georgiou, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Cyprus

Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Senator Guillaume Gontard, Communist, Republican, Citizen, and Ecologist group, France

Thomas Gould, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Patrick Grady, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Richard Graham, Chair of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Conservative Party, United Kingdom

Inés Granollers i Cunillera,  Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Lord Andrew Green of Deddington, Crossbench, United Kingdom

Chiara Gribaudo, PD, Italy

Lord Leslie Griffiths of Burry Port, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Rt Hon Lord Bruce Grocott, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Klemen Groselj, Renew Europe, European Parliament, Slovenia

Johnny Guirke, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Jytte Guteland, S&D, European Parliament, Sweden

Bertel Haarder, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and Chairman of the Delegation to the Nordic Council, Venstre, Denmark

Rt Hon Lord Peter Hain, Labour Party, former Middle East Minister, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and former Secretary of State for Wales, United Kingdom

Thomas Hammarberg, Social Democratic Party, Sweden

Camilla Hansén, Green Party, Sweden

Satu Hassi, Chairperson of the Grand Committee, Green League, Finland

Seán Haughey, Party Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Fianna Fáil, Ireland

Heidi Hautala, former Minister of International Development and State Ownership Steering, EP Vice-President, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Finland

Lord Alan Haworth, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Chris Hazzard, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Baroness Anna Healy of Primrose Hill, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Drew Hendry, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Lord John Hendy QC, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Annika Hirvonen, Green Party, Sweden

Wera Hobhouse, Spokesperson for Climate Emergency and Energy, Justice and Women & Equalities, Shadow Leader of the House, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Baroness Fiona Hodgson of Abinger, Conservative Party, United Kingdom

Senator Annie Hoey, Labour Party, Ireland

Kate Hollern, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Jens Holm, Left Party, Sweden

Pär Holmgren, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Sweden

Meira Hot, Social Democrats, Slovenia

Brendan Howlin, Labour Party, Ireland

Andrej Hunko, Deputy Chairperson of the parliamentary group, party spokesperson on European policy, Die Linke, Germany

Baptiste Hurni, Social Democratic Party, Switzerland

Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Lord Raymond Hylton, Crossbench, United Kingdom

Evin Incir, S&D, European Parliament, Sweden

Rt Rev, the Lord Bishop of Worcester, John Inge, United Kingdom

Momodou Malcolm Jallow, Left Party, Sweden

Heli Järvinen, Green League, Finland

Kim Johnson, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Rt Hon Baroness Judith Jolly, former Government Whip, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Bruno Joncour, Democratic Movement, President of GEVI France-Palestine, France

Lord Nigel Jones of Cheltenham, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Ruth Jones, Labour Party, Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment and Air Quality, United Kingdom

Irena Joveva, Renew Europe, European Parliament, Slovenia

Christian Juhl, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

Hubert Julien-Laferrière, La République En Marche!, France

Irene Kaelin, Vice-President of the National Council, Green Party, Switzerland

Billy Kelleher, Renew Europe, European Parliament, Ireland

Alan Kelly, Labour Party, Ireland

Baroness Helena Kennedy of The Shaws QC, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Gino Kenny, People Before Profit, Ireland

Martin Kenny, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Claire Kerrane, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Lord Neil Kinnock, Former Vice President of the European Commissioner, Former Leader of the Labour Party, United Kingdom

Niyazi Kizilyurek, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Cyprus

Katerina Konecná, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Czech Republic

Anna Kontula, Left Alliance, Finland

Baroness Susan Kramer, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Sonia Krimi, La République En Marche!, France

Alice Kuhnke, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Sweden

Senator Joël Labbé, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group, France

Philippe Lamberts, Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group, European Parliament, Belgium

Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Michel Larive, La France Insoumise, France

Christina Höj Larsen, Left Party, Sweden

Hillevi Larsson, Social Democratic Party, Sweden

Senator Pierre Laurent, Vice-President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs and Defense, Communist, Republican, Citizen, and Ecologist group, France

Jean-Paul Lecoq, Democratic and Republican Left group, France

Tom van der Lee, foreign affairs spokesperson, GroenLinks, The Netherlands

Senator Joan Lerma, Socialist Party, Spain

Martin Lidegaard, Chairman for the Foreign Policy Committee of The Danish Parliament, De Radikale, Denmark

Baroness Ruth Lister, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Tony Lloyd, former Foreign Office Minister, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Caroline Lucas, Green Party, United Kingdom

César Luena, S&D, European Parliament, Spain

Rune Lund, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

Kenny MacAskill, Alba Party, former Justice Secretary in the Scottish Government, United Kingdom

Pádraig MacLochlainn, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Chris MacManus, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Ireland

Angus MacNeil, Chair of the International Trade Select Committee, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Charles Margue, Chair of Justice Committee, Green Party, Luxembourg

Senator Didier Marie, Socialist, Ecologist and Republican group, France

Margarida Marques, S&D, European Parliament, Portugal

Jordi Martí Deulofeu, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Catarina Martins, leader of the Left Bloc, Portugal

Paul Maskey, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Chris Matheson, Labour Party, Shadow Minister for Media, United Kingdom

Miguel Costa Matos, Socialist Party, Portugal

Andy McDonald, Labour Party, former Shadow Secretary for Employment Rights and Protections and former Shadow Transport Secretary

Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Stewart McDonald, Spokesperson for Defence, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Stuart McDonald, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Senator Michael McDowell, Independent, Ireland

Ian Mearns, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Tilly Metz, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Luxembourg

Mattea Meyer, Co-President of the Social Democratic Party, Switzerland

Martina Michels, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Germany

Denise Mitchell, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Silvia Modig, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Finland

Fabian Molina, Social Democratic Party, Switzerland

Francie Molloy, Sinn Féin, United Kingdom

Senator Raymonde Poncet Monge, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group,

Luís Monteiro, Left Bloc, Portugal

Vicent Manuel Sarrià Morell, Socialist Party, Spain

Grahame Morris, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Joana Mortágua, Left Bloc, Portugal

Simon Moutquin, Ecolo, Belgium

Bjørnar Moxnes, The Red Party, Norway

Senator Rebecca Moynihan, Labour Party, Ireland

Imelda Munster, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Paul Murphy, People Before Profit, Ireland

Johnny Mythen, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Sébastien Nadot, non inscrit, France

Javier Nart, Renew Europe, European Parliament, Spain

Ged Nash, Labour Party, Ireland

Zaklin Nastic, party spokesperson on Human Rights, Die Linke, Germany

Gavin Newlands, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Ville Niinistö, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Finland

Gudrun Nordborg, Left Party, Sweden

Rasmus Nordqvist, Socialist People’s Party (SF), Denmark

Senator David Norris, Father of the House, Seanad, Independent, Ireland

Rt Hon Baroness Lindsay Northover, Liberal Democrats, former International Development Minister and former Spokesperson for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in the House of Lords, United Kingdom

Lord Jonny Oates, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Nathalie Oberweis, The Left, Luxembourg

Danièle Obono, La France Insoumise, France

Joe O’Brien, Green Party, Ireland

Eoin Ó Broin, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Cian O’Callaghan, Social Democrats, Ireland

Jim O’Callaghan, Fianna Fáil, Ireland

Senator Niall Ó Donnghaile, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Brendan O’Hara, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Ruairí Ó Murchú, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Louise O’Reilly, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Aodhan O’Riordain, Labour Party, Ireland

Darren O’Rourke, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Kate Osamor, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Kate Osborne, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Aengus Ó Snodaigh, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Grace O’Sullivan, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Ireland

Eugenia Rodriguez Palop, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Spain

Dimitrios Papadioulis, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Greece

Nélson Peralta, Left Bloc, Portugal

Elisenda Pérez Esteve, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Kira Peter-Hansen, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Denmark

Sirpa Pietikäinen, EPP, European Parliament, Finland

Manu Pineda, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Spain

Isabel Pires, Left Bloc, Portugal

Kati Piri, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Labour Party, the Netherlands

Giuliano Pisapia, former mayor of Milan, S&D, European Parliament, Italy

Gerardo Pisarello, Unidas Podemos, Spain

Yasmine Posio, Left Party, Sweden

Katharina Prelicz-Huber, Green Party, Switzerland

Stefanie Prezioso, Green Party, Switzerland

Thomas Pringle, Independent, Ireland

José Manuel Pureza, Left Bloc, Portugal

Lord Jeremy Purvis of Tweed, Spokesperson for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in the House of Lords, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Maurice Quinlivan, Sinn Féin, Ireland

María Soraya Rodríguez Ramos, former Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Renew Europe, European Parliament, Spain

Sira Rego, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Spain

Josep Maria Reniu, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Muriel Ressiguier, La France Insoumise, France

Laurence Fehlmann Rielle, Social Democratic Party, Switzerland

Véronique Riotton, La République En Marche!, France

Senator Gilbert Roger, Vice-President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces, President of the France-Palestine group at the Senate, Socialist, Ecologist and Republican group, France

Maria Manuel Rola, Left Bloc, Portugal

Marta Rosique i Saltor, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Franziska Roth, Social Democratic Party, Switzerland

Fabien Roussel, Democratic and Republican Left group, France

Idoia Villanueva Ruiz, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Spain

Alessandro Ruotolo, Mixed Group, Italy

Patricia Ryan, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Alex Agius Saliba, S&D, European Parliament, Malta

Enrique Santiago, Unidas Podemos, Spain

Isabel Santos, S&D, European Parliament, Portugal

Diana Santos, Left Bloc, Portugal

Marjan Šarec, former Prime Minister LMŠ, Slovenia

Mounir Satouri, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, France

Meret Schneider, Green Party, Switzerland

Helmut Scholz, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Germany

Karel Schwarzenberg, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, TOP09, Czech Republic

Baroness Rosalind Scott of Needham Market, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Maria Gloria Elizo Serrano, Third Vice President of the Congress of Deputies, Unidas Podemos, Spain

Baroness Shas Sheehan, Liberal Democrats, International Development Spokesperson in the House of Lords, United Kingdom

Tommy Sheppard, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Senator Marie Sherlock, Labour Party, Ireland

Sean Sherlock, Labour Party, Ireland

Sylvana Simons, Leader of BIJ1, the Netherlands

Pernille Skipper, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

Andy Slaughter, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Massimiliano Smeriglio, S&D, European Parliament, Italy

Alyn Smith, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Brid Smith, People Before Profit, Ireland

Duncan Smith, Labour Party, Ireland

Linda Westerlund Snecker, Left Party, Sweden

Pedro Filipe Soares, leader of the Left Bloc parliamentary fraction, Left Bloc, Portugal

Alex Sobel, Labour Party, Shadow Minister for Tourism and Heritage, United Kingdom

José Soeiro, Left Bloc, Portugal

Jordi Solé, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Spain

Søren Søndergaard, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark

Carla Miranda Sousa, Socialist Party, Portugal

Arianna Spessotto, M5S, Italy

Brian Stanley, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Lord Paul Strasburger, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Zarah Sultana, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Iiris Suomela, Green League, Finland

Håkan Svenneling, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Left Party, Sweden

Senator Sophie Taille-Polian, Ecologist, Solidarity and Territories group, France

Owen Thompson, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Richard Thomson, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Jessica Thunander, Left Party, Sweden

Maria Tripodi, FORZA ITALIA, Italy

Vasiliki Tsouplaki, Left Party, Sweden

Lord Christopher Tugendhat, Conservative Party, Former Vice President of the European Commission, United Kingdom

Pauline Tully, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Erkki Tuomioja, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Social Democratic Party, Finland

Rt Hon Lord Paul Tyler, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Baroness Manzila Uddin, Non-affiliated, United Kingdom

Massimo Ungaro, Italia Viva, Italy

Roberto Uriarte, Unidas Podemos, Spain

Koldo Martinez Urionabarrenetxea, Geroa Bai – Confederal Left, Spain

Ernest Urtasun, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, Spain

Antón Gómez-Reino Varela, Unidas Podemos, Spain

Georgios Yanis Varoufakis, ΜέΡΑ25, Greece

João Vasconcelos, Left Bloc, Portugal

Albert Vicaire, Ecolo, Belgium

Ricardo Vicente, Left Bloc, Portugal

Alexandra Vieira, Left Bloc, Portugal

Nikolaj Villumsen, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Denmark

Kathrin Vogler, party spokesperson on peace policy, Die Linke, Germany

Ilona Szatmári Waldau, Left Party, Sweden

Nicolas Walder, Green Party, Switzerland

Senator Mark Wall, Labour Party, Ireland

Mick Wallace, GUE/NGL, European Parliament, Ireland

Rt Hon Lord William Wallace of Saltaire, Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom

Mark Ward, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Senator Fintan Warfield, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Conservative Party, former Chairman of the Conservative Party and Foreign Office Minister, Co-Chair of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group, United Kingdom

Claudia Webbe, Independent, United Kingdom

Ciczie Weidby, Left Party, Sweden

Cédric Wermuth, Co-President of the Social Democratic Party, Switzerland

Baroness Janet Whitaker, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Philippa Whitford, Scottish National Party, United Kingdom

Mick Whitley, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrats, Spokesperson for Education, United Kingdom

Beth Winter, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Lord Stewart Wood, Labour Party, United Kingdom

Violet-Anne Wynne, Sinn Féin, Ireland

Francesc Xavier Eritja Ciuró, Republican Left of Catalonia, Spain

Salima Yenbou, Greens/EFA, European Parliament, France

(Source / 13.12.2021)

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