Israeli occupation authority forces Palestinian family to raze its own house

Israeli occupation authority forces Palestinian family to raze their house

The Israeli occupation authority on Saturday displaced a Palestinian family after forcing it to demolish its own house in Wadi Qadum neighborhood in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

The family had to hire heavy machinery to demolish the house to avoid paying exorbitant money in fines and demolition expenses to the Israeli municipality if its bulldozers carried out the measure.

Recently, the family received a notice from the municipality giving it until December 15 to demolish its house at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

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Mohamed Nassar, a member of the family, said they had been paying fines to the municipality since 2017, but now they would have to live in a tent on the ruins of their own house.

The Palestinians have no choice but to build without licenses because there are no structural maps that respond to the natural increase in their numbers, and for that reason, they are denied house permits.

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The Israeli occupation authority also imposes building restrictions on the Palestinian natives in Jerusalem and makes it hard for them to obtain construction licenses.

Israel’s systematic demolition of Palestinian homes in Occupied Jerusalem is believed to be aimed at psychologically destroying the Jerusalemite families in an attempt to force them to move from the holy city.

(Source / 12.12.2021)

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