Armed Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian vehicles in Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- A group of armed Israeli settlers on Thursday night attacked Palestinian-owned properties in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Local sources said over 20 armed Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian-owned vehicles in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood last night after storming the neighborhood, smashing the windows of five vehicles.

Residents of the neighborhood said that each settler has a knife and pepper spray.

They said the occupation police came after 20 minutes and did nothing to the settlers.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has been under settlers’ attacks for two weeks. The settlers distorted the murals on the walls of al-Kurd family’s house in the Sheikh Jarrah 3 times. They also broke into the neighborhood, attacked residents, and placed a Hanukkah menorah at the entrance of the Kurds’ house two weeks ago.

(Source / 10.12.2021)

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