370 European Parliamentarians call for ending Israel’s forced dispossession of Palestinians

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- 370 European Parliamentarians have called for an end to Israel’s forced dispossession of Palestinians, referencing inequality and apartheid.

The 370 European Parliamentarians from 21 countries and respective Parliaments from across Europe and the European Parliament (including from the UK) have sent a letter to European Foreign Ministers and European Union’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borell.

In the letter, they have called on Europe to take immediate and concrete steps to prevent the displacement and forcible transfer of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territory and to actualise differentiation between illegal Israeli settlements in all dealings with ‘Israel’.

The Parliamentarians reference Israel’s latest aggression in Gaza and the “discriminatory reality in which Israelis and Palestinians have different and unequal rights” as a result of decades of occupation and of widespread forced dispossession and displacement faced by Palestinians, including in the neighbourhoods of occupied East Jerusalem such as Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan and other areas of the occupied Palestinian territory.

Their letter references Human Rights Watch’s report on Israeli apartheid, “which concludes that Israel has crossed a threshold such that its violations in the occupied Palestinian territories meet the legal definition of the crime of Apartheid according to the Rome Statute.

They said they are “alarmed by the latest escalation in Gaza, the civilian casualties on both sides and the devastating humanitarian consequences for the already hard-hit population in Gaza,” calling upon both sides to protect all civilians and to keep them out of harm’s way, as well as to provide unhindered humanitarian access as mandated.

“Europe must work together with like-minded allies to challenge this status quo and to take robust steps to pave the way for a safer, just and democratic future for Israelis and Palestinians alike,” they wrote.

“We stand firm in our support of stated European policy regarding the illegality of Israeli settlements and the importance of differentiating between Israel and the settlements in all relevant dealings, and we call upon Europe to upgrade and actualize its efforts in this regard.”

They also called on Europe to take immediate and concrete steps to prevent the displacement and forcible transfer of Palestinian families, especially in East Jerusalem.

Among the signatories are Chris Andrews, Senator Frances Black, Senator Lynn Boylan, Richard Burgon and Claudia Webbe.

(Source / 10.12.2021)

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