Factions: ‘Amira’ should be boycotted

Ramallah (QNN)- Resistance factions on Wednesday called for boycotting ‘Amira’, a Jordanian-Egyptian movie, representing Jordan at the 94th Academy Awards (Oscars), which also defames children born to detainees through sperm-smuggling.

Zaher Jabbarin, a Hamas leader responsible for the detainees’ file, said “the offending film which targets the detainees, Amira, which questions the ambassadors of freedom (babies born through smuggled sperm) only serves the zionist enemy, which seeks to break the detainees’ will, especially after they defeated the enemy in the Gilboa prison break.”

Jabbarin called to stop the screening and promotion of the film immediately and address the torture and suffering that Palestinian detainees go through instead.

Meanwhile, Jameel Olayyan, the IJ’s leader responsible for the detainees’ file, criticized the film and described it as “ignoring the greatness and awareness of the detainees’ movement, which defeated the enemy.”

The film does not address the great milestones in the detainees’ great history nor its victories, the latest of which was the Gilboa prison break.”

Olayyan also added that the film is ignoring the suffering of the detainees and the Israeli torture and medical negligence policy, which put them in danger of dying.

He also called to stop the screening of the film and bring those responsible for it to court. Olayyan called on Artists Syndicates in the world to boycott the crew of the film.

The film is about a girl, named Amira, who was born to a detainee in an Israeli prison through sperm-smuggling. However, she finds out that an Israeli jailer had switched sperm samples, which makes him her biological father.

The film ignores the strict procedures that the detainees follow under the supervision of the Ministry of Detainees and watchdogs. It also puts Palestinian children, born to detainees through sperm-smuggling, as well as their mothers and families, in danger, defaming them and questioning their affiliations.

(Source / 08.12.2021)

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