PPS: ‘Israel’ prevents families of Palestinian prisoners from visiting sons

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Under claims of being unvaccinated, Israeli occupation authorities prevented Palestinian families from visiting their sons in prisons, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said in a statement.

The PPS said dozens of Palestinian families reported that they were not able to visit their sons who are imprisoned in Israel’s Ofer Prison in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli prison authorities said the families’ members had not yet received the third dose of the Coronavirus vaccine and therefore could not enter the prison to visit their sons.

According to the PPS, the Israeli occupation authorities asked the families to prove that they had received the third dose.

However, it said, the families did not have any information about this measure.

“The Israeli occupation has been using family visits as a form of systematic torture against the families and their sons in prisons,” the PPS said, adding the Israeli occupation “always uses fake pretexts, mostly security claims, to prevent visitations.”

Family visits are routinely, and often arbitrarily, restricted or canceled by Israeli occupation authorities.

Moreover, many West Bank and Gaza prisoners are denied their visitation rights completely, according to the human rights group, Addameer.

The PPS has called families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to get the third dose of the Coronavirus vaccine so that they can visit their imprisoned sons.

There are 4,550 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, among the prisoners are 500 administrative detainees held without charges or trial, 200 child prisoners and 32 female prisoners.

(Source / 07.12.2021)

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