Israeli police issues mild warning to settlers’ lynching militia

A group of Israelis beat a man lying prone on the ground in occupied Lyd, amid a wave of lynching attacks against native Palestinians, May 12, 2021

Occupied Ramlah (QNN)- An investigative report by the Israeli Channel 13 revealed that organized settlers’ lynching militias are being trained in preparation for mass lynching attacks against native Palestinians in occupied Ramlah. Israeli police only issued a mild warning to the militias when the TV. channel reported its findings.

In a new investigative report, Israeli Channel 13 secretly videotaped Israeli militias while training.

“We will stab them in the head. there will be some terrorism today”, one of the trainees told the undercover reporter.

The video footage also shows a group of settlers planning for a lynching attack. One of them (apparently their leader), says that they were between 30-40 attackers but their number will increase up to 80 when they start the lynching attacks.

“We’re going to kill Arabs. That’s it”, he says.

“Let’s make some preparations to terminate some Arabs”, a settler says. “Today we’ll behead them”, another adds.

According to the report, the groups organize their moves using WhatsApp and Telegram.

The militias, whose attacks spiked during the aggression on Gaza last May, were backed by the Israeli authorities. During their lynching attacks against Palestinians, it was noticed that Israeli police were disappearing from the scene. Also, Israeli authorities took no actions against the groups following last May’s attacks, some of which went live on Israeli channels.

The militias, according to the report, are led by the MK Itamar Ben-Gvir among other far-right leaders. They hold training, in which they teach how to kill Palestinians using knives. The report even documents a plot to kill a Palestinian man known by the settlers, and the accurate timing of it.

The journalist, working on the report, told the Israeli police about the terrorist plan, however, despite knowing the place, time, and attackers, the police only issued a mild warning to the attackers and let them leave after convincing them to cancel their attack.

(Source / 07.12.2021)

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