The Israeli occupation forces assaulted the prisoners of the “Freedom Tunnel” inside the courtroom


The Israeli occupation soldiers assaulted the prisoners of the “Gilboa prison tunnel”, during a court session held today, Monday, at the Magistrate’s Court in the city of Nazareth. According to press sources present in the courtroom, the occupation forces expelled the journalists from the courtroom in the wake of what happened, while the date of the next court session was set for the sixteenth of next January, and a trial for the prisoner Ayham Kammji will be held on the twenty-fifth of the same month.

Lawyer Khaled Mjanha, who is entrusted with the defense of the captive Muhammad Al-Ardah, confirmed the assault on the prisoners inside the courtroom, explaining that the court gave the Public Prosecution a week to take a decision to cancel the indictments, or to continue with them. Mjanha stressed that “prisoners may not be punished twice, once in the Disciplinary and Isolation Court, and again by filing indictments against them and prosecuting them.”

(Source / 06.12.2021)

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