Know most important reasons for reconstruction delay in Gaza Strip

Gaza Reconstruction 

Gaza Post Ministry of Works reveals  the reasons for the delay in Gaza Strip reconstruction  

Reconstruction in the Gaza Strip is slowing down due to the absence of two former major financiers in reconstruction projects such as the Arab Gulf states, notably Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing Naji Sarhan.

Sarhan on Monday stated to Masdar News Network that the Gulf states have made significant contributions to reconstruction operations over the past years, and we are still waiting for their participation in current projects in light of the urgent need for new shareholders.

Sarhan added that they have sent many messages to these countries to participate in reconstruction and are waiting for progress on this file.

With regard to the Egyptian grant, Sarhan noted that Egyptian residential cities in three areas of the Gaza Strip will provide 2,500 housing units.

Sarhan said the ministry received the initial plans for residential cities to be built in the American region on an area of 40 dunums by 500 units, near the Tower of Andalusia with 500 units, and near the city of Zahra with 1,500 housing units on an area of 140 dunums.

Sarhan said work on the North Corniche within the Egyptian grant is continuing, and designs for adults in the Shujaiya and Saraya areas are being equipped.

Sarhan said an Egyptian engineering delegation will arrive in Gaza this week to follow up on reconstruction processes and discuss and discuss plans for existing projects.

With regard to projects run by UNRWA, he stressed that the Agency was working on separate projects in total and partial reconstruction, but that they were still in small amounts, not large amounts.

(Source / 06.12.2021)

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