Islamic scholars in 28 countries: Normalization is betrayal

Istanbul (QNN)- Islamic scholars from 28 countries said that “normalization deals and military and political alliances with the zionist entity, especially those made recently by Arab regimes, are a betrayal of God, the prophet, and believers.”

In a statement issued in the closing of the “Islamic organizations and scholars’ solidarity forum with Jerusalem and Palestine”, which has been held in Istanbul, the scholars called on regimes to stop “the shameful chasing of the zionist entity, which will not secure their thrones and positions, however, it will dishonor them in this life and the hereafter.”

“We call on the countries of the Muslim world to stop thinking of normalization with the zionist entity and focus on the young generations in order to prepare them for any possible battle with the zionist entity.

The statement also condemned the Israeli ongoing raids into Al Aqsa mosque and the attacks on graveyards. It also decried the Israeli President’s raid into the Ibrahimi mosque and called for urgent actions to prevent the temporal and spatial division of Al Aqsa mosque.

The forum also showed its support for the resistance, which has been defending Palestine and the Palestinian people.

(Source / 06.12.2021)

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