Cold-blooded murder of Palestinian asserts the Israeli occupation fascism: Diliani

Dimitri Diliani
Dimitri Diliani

Gaza Post – Member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and head of the Christian National Assembly in the Holy Land, Dimitri Diliani, on Saturday reported that the crime of murdering a Palestinian youth in cold blood with his hands raised and lying on the ground is the greatest evidence of the occupation state’s fascism.

If the Israeli soldier had any concerns that he would be punished, he would not have committed the act,  Diliani said.

“The assassination did not end with the criminal that shot the unarmed young man; it continued with the disruption of the ambulance’s arrival to treat him”, Daliani said.

He asserted that the assassination was not carried out by a single murderous border guard, but rather was a collective crime for which Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett bears responsibility.

He said, “The racist aspect of Israeli philosophy, which is taught through the occupation force’s educational curricula and the religious schools that the occupying power supports through material, legal, political, and security assistance, is the source of racism in Israeli culture”.

As the world’s last colonial fascist country, Diliani called on the international community to intervene in order to deter the occupation power’s racist fascist approach.

(Source / 04.12.2021)

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