91 violations on social media against Palestinian content in November by Meta

Palestinian content

Gaza Post Sada Social Center, a Ramallah-based social media monitoring organization, announced on Saturday that the Meta company, formerly Facebook, Inc. and the parent organization of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is still dealing with Palestinian content in accordance with Israeli directives.It stated in a new report that it documented 91 violations against Palestinian content on social media platforms during the month of November, describing it as the worst for Palestinian content.

“The Meta company is still dealing with Palestinian content upon the Israeli dictates, besieging Palestinian terminology and narrative, and restricting media platforms for covering the events on the ground through their accounts, as Facebook targeted more than 65 accounts between complete bans and restrictions, in addition to 17 violations of the application Instagram,” reported Sada Social.

“Most of the accounts and pages which have been targeted during the month of November were media accounts and accounts belonging to journalists and activists who covered the latest developments in occupied Jerusalem, most notably the Maydan Al Quds page and the Al Qastal news page.”

The center also documented five violations on Twitter, three on Tik Tok, and one on YouTube.

Sada Social Center, which participated in the recent campaign #FBCensorsJerusalem organized by activists and journalists rejecting the racist policies of Facebook against Palestinian content, said that more than 600 violations since the beginning of this year have been detected on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The #FBCensorsJerusalem campaign got wide interaction and spread in Palestine and around the world, as the hashtag in English reached more than 10 million interactions within 24 hours.

It also called on users to lower the rating of Meta applications on Apple Store and Google, stressing the importance of this step in drawing Facebook’s attention to the anger of the Palestinian public due to Facebook’s policy that supports the occupation, and its double standard.

According to Meta, 141 Facebook accounts, 79 pages, and 13 groups, as well as 21 Instagram accounts, were removed from the Gaza Strip because they primarily targeted Palestinians and, to a lesser extent, Egyptians and Israelis. It claimed that the accounts were removed following an internal investigation into the suspected “coordinated and incorrect” behavior of these accounts in the region, which aim to manipulate and influence public debate on digital platforms.

(Source / 04.12.2021)

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