Israeli settler, who insulted Prophet Muhammad, arrested for sexual abuse of children

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli occupation Police officers arrested the extremist Israeli settler, who once insulted the Prophet Muhammad, for committing sexual offenses and indecent acts against Israeli minors who he took advantage of.

Israeli media reported that the 25-year-old settler, identified as David Flavani, was alleged to have found his victims at demonstrations, synagogues and mikvahs.

These victims would be younger and vulnerable, and he would offer assistance after starting a conversation with them, the reports said.

According to the reports, Flavani would take them to places under the guise of helping them, but would instead commit indecent acts against them and later harass and threaten his victims over the phone.

Flavani was among thousands of extremist Israeli settlers who insulted the Prophet Muhammad -PBUH- and chanted “Muhammad is dead” during June’s Jerusalem Mass Raid, or the so-called “Flag March” which celebrated the occupation and annexation of the Palestinian capital city.

That time, the settlers provoked the feelings of Muslims all around the world by chanting dirty insults against the Muslim Prophet and Flavani was among them as he shouted loudly with the insults.

“A good Arab is a dead Arab” , ” May your village burn” , “The Arab is a son of a b*ch,” these were the slogans that the Israeli settlers chanted all the time during the “Flag March,” including Flavani.

An online video was trended showed the extremist settlers, including Flavani, in the march denigrating the prophet Muhammad.

(Source / 30.11.2021)

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