UNROD: “Palestinians deserve to live in peace and free of occupation”

Israeli apartheid barrier
Israeli apartheid barrier

West Bank-Gaza PostUNROD: “Palestinians deserve to live in peace and free of occupation”

A team from the United Nations Register of Damage (UNROD) affected by the wall’s construction, a UN body in charge of documenting the damage caused by the Israeli apartheid barrier in the West Bank on Saturday, visited a number of villages in the West Bank province of Qalqilia.

The delegation was led by UNROD Executive Director Leonid Frolov of the Russian Federation, who visited the barrier-affected villages of Arab Al-Ramadin, Abu Farda, Jayyus, and Falamia.

Frolov underscored the suffering of the Palestinian villages under Israel’s barrier and apartheid regime, asserting the Palestinians deserve to live in peace and free of occupation.

The Governor of Qalqilia, Rafea Rawajba, briefed the delegation on the suffering of the Palestinian population in the area, including the lack of freedom of movement caused by Israeli military checkpoints and the construction of the apartheid barrier on Palestinian land.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled in 2004 that the wall being built around the West Bank was illegal and should be demolished.

(Source / 28.11.2021)

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