Sources: IOF demolishes water pipes in Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley

Gaza Post –  Israeli bulldozers damaged on Sunday water pipelines supplying hundreds of acres of Palestinian-owned land in the village of Atuf, east of the town of Tammun in the Jordan .Valley area, northeast of .the occupied West Bank

Israeli bulldozers demolished a 4-kilometer water connection used for irrigation of crops planted by Palestinian farmers in the area, according to Mutaz Basharat, a prominent official who monitors Israeli settlement activities.

The Jordan Valley’s Palestinian residents, mostly nomadic Bedouins, rely heavily on agriculture and livestock husbandry as a main source of income, and Israeli occupation authorities’ frequent demolitions have had a negative impact on the population, forcing many of them to abandon the area and relocate to cities.

Under the pretext of without permits, Israeli forces often demolish Palestinian homes and structures in the Jordan Valley.

Officials believe that Israeli demolitions in the Jordan Valley area are aimed at displacing Palestinians and confiscating their land in order to construct new colonial settlements.

(Source / 28.11.2021)

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