IOF attacks protesters demonstrating against Israeli president’s visit to Hebron: source

Protesters demonstrated in Hebron
Protesters demonstrated in Hebron

Hebron-Gaza PostIsraeli occupation troops attacked and dispersed a group of demonstrators outside the ancient Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank, on Sunday, in protest of Israeli President Isac Herzog’s planned visit to the sacred site to commemorate the Hanukah festival.

Palestinian officials said yesterday that Herzog’s planned visit is a provocation and a flagrant violation of the site’s sanctity and that the Israeli occupation will carry full responsibility for the site’s ramifications.

Several Israeli left-wing organizations have also condemned the president’s planned visit to the Ibrahimi Mosque and called for protests.

Protesters waving Palestinian flags and shouting slogans opposing the provocative visit were assaulted by Israeli soldiers stationed at checkpoints along the roads leading to the sacred site.

After an extremist settler, Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinian worshippers inside the mosque in 1994, the Israeli occupation authorities split the mosque complex between Muslims and Israeli settlers.

Around 160,000 Palestinian Muslims live in Hebron, which includes the Ibrahimi Mosque, and about 800 notoriously hostile Israeli settlers dwell in complexes strongly secured by the Israeli military.

(Source / 28.11.2021)

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