Palestinian minister: IOF to build 17,000 settlement units in Jerusalem

Israeli settlements in West Bank

Israeli settlements in West Bank

West Bank-Gaza Post – A Palestinian official on Thursday reported that Israeli occupation authorities intended to build over 17,000 settlement units in several parts of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Affairs Minister Fadi al-Hadmi described in a press statement the Israeli settlement plan as a “crazy tsunami.”

He clarified that the rising in  settlements buildings through a series of projects eliminates “any possibility of a two-state solution.”

Al-Hadmi said: “The Israeli government is progressing toward implementing a series of major settlement projects in the north, south, and east of the city, with the aim of isolating it completely from its Palestinian surroundings in the West Bank.”

The Palestinian minister stated the projects include a plan to build 10,000 housing units on the land of Jerusalem International Airport, in Qalandia, in the northern part of the city.

Israeli occupation authorities also plan to build 3,500 housing units within the E1 area in eastern Jerusalem, 1,250 units within the Givat Hamatos settlement, 2,000 in the French Hill settlement and 470 in the Pisgat Zeev settlement, he said

“Since the beginning of this year, over 140 buildings have been destroyed in Jerusalem,” al-Hadmi added, urging the international community to “transform its words into actions, and work to stop the settlement, annexation, demolition, displacement and forced eviction of the population, and to save the two-state solution before it is too late.”

(Source / 26.11.2021)

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