Settlers start to build new outpost on annexed West Bank land

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – A horde of Jewish settlers on Tuesday morning started to build a new illegal outpost on a tract of Palestinian land they seized in Ein al-Auja village, northeast of Jericho in the occupied West Bank.

According to local sources, settlers stormed an area close to the village with heavy-duty vehicles and construction equipment and embarked on building their outpost.

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In recent years, Ein al-Auja villagers have suffered from frenzied Israeli demolition and persecution campaigns and repeated attacks and violations by settlers and soldiers.

Its impoverished residents are also deprived by the Israeli occupation authority of all basic services.

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Ein al-Auja village is one of the vital Palestinian communities in Area C of the West Bank and is located within the boundaries of Jericho province.

(Source / 23.11.2021)

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