“Natural response to Israel’s crimes”… Factions praise Jerusalem resistance operation

natural response
Factions said the Jerusalem resistance operation is a natural response to the Israeli daily crimes

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- National and Islamic factions on Sunday praised the resistance operation, in which a freedom fighter killed one Israeli soldier and wounded others. The factions stressed that the operation was a natural response to Israel’s crimes.

Hamas spokesperson in Jerusalem, Muhammad Hamada, said the operation is “a message of infiltration to the enemy, which left a deep wound in occupation.” He added that “operations will continue in retaliation for the attempts to desecrate Al Aqsa mosque the settlers’ attempts to Judaize it.”

The Popular Resistance Movement praised the operation and saluted the executor. It also called for increasing the resistance activity against Israeli soldiers across interface areas.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad Movement stressed that the operation is “a natural response to the escalation of settlers’ and soldiers’ terrorism and the occupation government’s escalation of assaults and demolition and displacement policies against the residents of Jerusalem.”

“The occupation is fully responsible for the aftermath of its policies.”

It added that the operation proves that the Palestinian people continue to seize upon resistance and adopt it to fight the occupation.

In the same vein, Al Mujahideen movement called for increasing operations against zionist soldiers and settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Also, Al Ahrar movement said that the increase of heroic operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem shows that resistance is alive.

“The operation is a message to the criminal UK and the PA, which is working hard to remove the resistance’s weapons in Jenin, that resistance is the strategic choice of our people to accomplish its goals and confront the occupation”, it added.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also praised the resistance operation and said it is “a natural response to the crimes of the zionist entity, the latest of which was the death of the detainee Sami al Omour due to the policy of medical negligence.”

(Source / 21.11.2021)

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