Palestinian factions reject British decision to outlaw Hamas

Gaza factions

Factions: Hamas is an integral part of the Palestinian fabri

GAZA, (PIC) – Major Palestinian factions in Gaza have announced that the Palestinian people and their political and national forces are united in their rejection and condemnation of Britain’s decision to label Hamas a terrorist organization.

In a news conference held following an emergency meeting in Gaza on Saturday, the factions affirmed that the Hamas Movement is “an integral part of the Palestinian fabric and a key partner in the Palestinian people’s national struggle for liberation.”

They warned that the British decision would give the Israeli occupation state the green light to continue and escalate its aggression and crimes against the Palestinian people.

They called the decision “a serious act of hostility aimed at the Palestinian people and contempt for their legitimate right to struggle for liberation from the occupation.”
They also considered the decision as “part of Britain’s colonial policy that continues to present it as a follower of a fascist and racist state.”

“Britain should have taken into account the position held by the majority of the British people who oppose the occupation and its crimes,” the factions stressed.

The factions called on the British government to reverse its decision immediately and replace it with practical steps that atone for its historical mistake — the Balfour Declaration — it had made in 1917.

(Source / 20.11.2021)

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