Sick Palestinian prisoner ‘dies of medical negligence’ in Israel custody

The mother of the Palestinian prisoner, Sami Al-Amour, mourns for her son who died of medical negligence in Israeli custody on 18 November 2021 [Ashraf Amra/ApaImages]
The mother of the Palestinian prisoner, Sami Al-Amour, mourns for her son who died of medical negligence in Israeli custody on 18 November 2021

A Palestinian prisoner who has been held in Israeli jails for 13 years died today in what Palestinian rights groups believe is a result of medical negligence on the part of Israeli prison authorities.

Thirty-nine-year-old Sami Al-Amour from the Deir Al-Balah refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip, was announced dead this morning at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba after he was held at a military checkpoint for 14 hours while on his way to the medical centre.

Held since 2008, he was serving a 19-year term, and suffered numerous medical problems including blocked arteries.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza said it held “the Israeli government fully responsible” for Al-Amour’s death, adding that this event “reveals the inhuman measures employed against them, particularly the medical negligence and withholding of necessary treatments for hundreds of patients, especially those with chronic and serious diseases.”

While Hamas said Al-Amour’s death was “an Israeli crime against humanity and a violation of all international values and laws.” Adding that Al-Amour had been deprived of his right to adequate medical care.

His death bring to 227 the number of Palestinian prisoners who have died in Israeli detention.

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(Source / 18.11.2021)

Israeli Officers Kill A Palestinian Teen In Alleged Stabbing Attack In Jerusalem

Israeli officers killed, Wednesday, a Palestinian teenage boy after he allegedly stabbed two officers in the al-Wad Street, in Old City of occupied Jerusalem. The soldiers later invaded his home before abducting his parents.

In a statement, the Israeli police said two Israelis were injured before the Palestinian was killed.

The slain Palestinian teen was later identified as Omar Ibrahim Abu ‘Assab, 16, from the al-‘Isawiya town in Jerusalem.

The Police added that two officers and one civilian guard opened fire at the Palestinian teen after he carried the alleged stabbing attack out and added that two Border Police officers were injured before the teen was killed.

After the incident, dozens of soldiers and police officers were deployed in the area and imposed a tight siege in the Old City and surrounding area.

The police said the wounded Israelis are a 20-year-old woman who sustained a moderate injury, and a young man, about twenty years of age, who suffered a mild wound; both were alert when they were moved to a hospital in Jerusalem.

Hours after the teen’s death, Israeli soldiers, intelligence agents, and police officers invaded the family’s home, and ransacked it, before abducting his father, mother, and brother, and released them after several hours of interrogation.

The soldiers also detained two teenage boys, in addition to firing many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs at dozens of Palestinians who protested the invasion.

One of the detained teens, identified as Hashem Ali Hasan, said after his release that he was standing in Bab al-Aboud area before many soldiers and officers assaulted him, confiscated his coat, his shoes, and wallet.

The second teen has been identified as Yazan Zoheir al-Kalouti.

The soldiers also abducted Mohammad Rashed Eshteyya and Malek Salayma in Silwan, before moving them to an interrogation facility.

Attorney Mohammad Mahmoud of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center In Silwan (Silwanic) said a surveillance video which was released by the Israeli police shows that the officers could have subdued the teen without killing him, even if they had to resort to live fire.

Mahmoud called on the Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem to allow the transfer of the teen’s corpse to his family.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Palestinian Detainee Dies In Israeli Prison

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has confirmed, Thursday, that a Palestinian detainee, imprisoned by Israeli since the year 2008, has died at an Israeli medical center after years of medical neglect despite having congenital heart disease, and his need to constant follow up.

In a short statement, the PPS said that the detainee has been identified as Sami al-‘Amour, 39, from Deir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip.

The detainee was transferred to an Israeli hospital on Wednesday at night, where he was officially pronounced dead by the physicians.

His fiancé, who remained engaged to him for fourteen years since his abduction, said that the family received the news about his death from media outlets.

It is worth mentioning that only his mother was able to visit with him just a few times since his abduction due to Israeli restrictions.

His sister said that the last time the family was able to talk to him over the phone was before he was sent to the Israeli hospital when he informed them that he was being transferred cuffed and sitting in a wheelchair.

The PPS said the detainee was born with congenital heart disease and has been receiving specialized treatment for his condition until he was abducted and imprisoned by Israel.

The PPS held Israel accountable for his death especially since he should have been monitored and examined by heart specialists.

It also said that al-Amour was transferred, a few days ago, from Nafha prison to Asqalan, and was just recently moved to Soroka Israeli medical center where he underwent two surgeries, including one that was performed just a day before his death.

It is worth mentioning that al-‘Amour was abducted in the year 2008 and was sentenced to nineteen years in prison.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Army Detains Twelve Palestinians from the West Bank

Israeli forces invaded, at dawn Thursday, several towns in the occupied West Bank and detained twelve Palestinian civilians after storming and searching their homes, according to the Jerusalem (Quds) Press.

In the northern West Bank, south of Jenin city, soldiers invaded Ya’bad town and detained four Palestinian men, identified as Ahmed Talib Abu Bakr, his brother Bilal Abu Bakr, Abdul-Jabbar Anfiat, and Muhammad Ghassan Qabha.

The army stormed and searched the home of Musa Abu Libdeh, in the city of Qalqilia in the northwestern part of the West Bank, before detaining him and taking him to an unknown location.

Israeli forces stormed the southern part of the West Bank and detained seven young men from in and around Bethlehem city, after invading and searching their homes.

The young men were identified as Issa Yassin Al-Arouj, 22, from Harmala village, east of the city, Musab Taha Al-Arouj, 25, from Bethlehem, Wael Subhi Al-Azza, 42, from Doha town, west of the city, Musab Khaled Tafesh, 30, from Za’tara, Musab Diriyah, 30, from Beit Fajjar, Muhammad Ibrahim Sabatien, 21, and the child Zaki Taysir Za’oul, 17, from Husan village, west of the city.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Israeli Colonizers Attack Schoolchildren Near Nablus

On Thursday, a large group of Israeli colonizers, illegally squatting on Palestinian lands, attacked two schools near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, for the fourth consecutive days, leading to protests, before the soldiers invaded the area and fired gas bombs at the schoolchildren.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors Israel’s illegal colonialist activities in northern West Bank, said the colonizers attacked schoolchildren of the as-Sawiya Highschool and the al-Lubban Highschool for Girls, south Nablus.

Daghlas added that the colonizers also gathered in large numbers and attempted to prevent the schoolchildren from entering their educational facilities.

He also said that dozens of residents from the area, along with teachers and staffers, rushed to the schools and forced the colonizers to leave.

The colonizers, accompanied by soldiers, tried to close the schools and force the students to take alternate routes when they head to their educational facilities, but the residents managed to foil the attempts.

Israeli soldiers also closed the nearby main road and prevented the Palestinian cars from crossing before firing gas bombs and concussion grenades at the residents.

It is worth mentioning that the as-Sawiya school for boys and girls has more than 400 students, and the Israeli colonizers frequently attack it and the students, while the soldiers also repeatedly invaded it, allegedly after students hurled stones at the colonizers’ cars, and military vehicles.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Soldiers, Colonizers, Attack Farmers, Prevent Them From Working On Their lands, Near Hebron

Israeli soldiers and colonizers attacked, Thursday, many Palestinian farmers and prevented them from working on their lands, in the southwestern area of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

The mayor of Deir Samir town, Shahin ar-Rayyan, said the colonizers, and soldiers, attacked the farmers in the at-Tabaqa area, southwest of Hebron, and prevented them from working on their lands.

He added that the colonizers prevented the Palestinians from bringing machines, including digging tools, while the Palestinians were working on their lands in the at-Tabaqa area, west of Doura town.

Shahin also said that the colonizers came from the Negohot illegal colony, which was built on stolen Palestinian lands between Dier Samit and Beit Awwa towns and added that the colonizers repeatedly assault the farmers and try to deny them access to their lands.

In related news, Israeli soldiers closed the roads leading to the Shu’ab al-Batem area, east of Yatta, and photographed many homes and structures, including one building that recently received a demolition order.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

After 103 days, Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails ends his hunger strike

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails Alaa al-Araj has ended on Thursday his open-ended hunger strike after 103 consecutive days of starving and suffering in protest against his unfair administrative detention without a charge or a trial.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Information Office announced on Thursday evening that al-Araj broke his hunger strike after 103 days, after reaching an agreement with the Israeli occupation authorities to cancel his administrative detention.

In September, Al-Araj was transferred to hospital after his health deteriorated, and he was held at the Al-Ramla Clinic prison due to deterioration in his health.

On November 2, Israeli Shin Bet sent Alaa for interrogation despite his serious health condition.

34-year-old Al-Araj is from Tulkarem, and he is a father of one child who was born while his father is still held inside the Israeli jails.

Al-Araj has been held under administrative detention – without charge or trial – in Israeli jails since 30 June and he has been on an open-ended hunger strike since August 9.

During his open-ended hunger strike, he has lost over 30 kilograms and suffers serious health problems as he can not stand up and has speech difficulties and pains in the abdomen and chest. He has blurred vision as well.

He has previously been detained by occupation and has served a total of five years in Israeli jails.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Pictures| Extremist Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers have been breaking into the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem since the early morning hours of Thursday.

Under the occupation forces protection, around 70 Israeli settlers broke into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque during the morning break-in session and they entered through the Damascus Gate- which Palestinians call Bab al-Amud Gate.

They are now provoking the Palestinian worshipers by performing Talmudic prayers in the courtyards of the mosque and taking pictures.

Israeli occupation authorities have allowed settler incursions to the mosque since 2003, under the forces protection, although there have been repeated objections and warnings by the Palestinian religious authorities as the settlers’ visits provoke Palestinian worshippers of the mosque.

Israeli forces always facilitate and protect the settlers incursions while preventing Palestinian worshipers from entering it, assaulting and detaining them.

The Al-Aqsa mosque is one of the holiest sites in Islam.

Jews refer to the area as the Temple Mount, claiming it was the site of two prominent Jewish temples in ancient times.

The complex also includes the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of the most sacred Christian sites in the world.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Israeli repression unit cracks down on political detainee leaving him severely wounded

The wife of Jameel Ankoush holding a photo of him

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- An Israeli repression unit cracked down on Jameel Ankoush after he protested against the Israeli medical negligence against his sick friend Sami Omour. Ankoush sustained severe wounds.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) held the occupation state fully responsible for the life of Ankoush.

Ankoush has been criticizing the Israeli policy of medical negligence, which has been being practiced against Omour. He had an argument with Israeli jailers in a prisoner transport vehicle, asking them to provide medical care to Omour. However, as soon as he went back to his cell a group of Israeli repression forces attacked him, leaving him severely wounded.

The PFLP called on the Red Cross and international organizations to follow up on the conditions of ill detainees, who are suffering from Israeli medical negligence.

The health condition of Sami Omour, from Gaza, deteriorated and he was taken to a hospital on Tuesday to have heart surgery.

The occupation state is holding 550 ill political detainees in prisons and uses medical negligence against them as part of its policy to weaken them.

(Source / 18.11.2021)

Due to medical negligence, Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli jails

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian prisoner, Sami al-Amour, died at dawn of Thursday inside the Israeli jails due to deliberate medical negligence, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said.

The PPS said that 39-year-old Sami al-Amour died in his prison cell at dawn today as a result of deliberate medical negligence by Israeli occupation administration prison after a serious deterioration in his health.

Al- Amour, from the city of Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip, was detained in 2008 and sentenced to 19 years.

He suffered from a congenital heart disease but the Israeli deliberate medical negligence caused a serious deterioration in his health.

Several days ago, al-Amour was transferred from Nafha prison to Ashkelon prison. Later, he was transferred to Soroka hospital to have a surgery but it failed.

On Tuesday, al-Amour was taken to have a heart surgery before he was announced dead earlier today.

During his detention, the occupation deprived al-Amour of the visit of his family; his father visited him 3 times only during 14 years.

Yesterday, an Israeli repressive unit cracked down on Jameel Ankoush after he protested against the Israeli medical negligence against his sick inmate al-Amour.

Ankoush has been criticizing the Israeli policy of medical negligence, which has been being practiced against al-Amour. He had an argument with Israeli jailers in a prisoner transport vehicle, asking them to provide medical care to al-Amour. However, as soon as he went back to his cell, a group of Israeli repression forces attacked him, leaving him severely wounded.

The occupation state is holding 550 ill political detainees in prisons and uses medical negligence against them as part of its policy to weaken them.

Since 1967, 227 Palestinian prisoners died inside the Israeli jails, 72 of them died due to deliberate medical negligence.

(Source / 18.11.2021)