Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in Tubas

Days of Palestine – Tubas – A Palestinian from Tammun was shot by the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday.

The ministry added in a statement that Saddam Hussein Bani Odeh, the 26-year-old Tubas martyr, was wounded by a bullet “fired by the occupation soldiers at the entrance of Tammun, which penetrated his left shoulder and heart” before settling in his left lung.

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Residents in the area said that Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Tubas at 3 am today. The occupation opened fire at the youths who were throwing stones during the confrontations that took place.

Local sources have confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces were under no threat. 

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Moreover, two residents of the city of Tubas were arrested.

In turn, the media office of the Resistance Committees in Palestine mourned martyr Odeh, stressing that his blood and that of all “martyrs will remain a beacon illuminating the way for our resistance until the occupiers are defeated and the land is liberated.”

The Committee further stressed that the only adequate response to Odeh’s martyrdom is the escalation of resistance and the intifada in order to strike “the Zionist enemy in all parts of Palestine by all means” until its defeat.

Last month, the Israeli occupation forces perpetrated another shocking crime by shooting 15-year-old martyr Amjad Osama Abu Sultan in Beit Jala. The Palestinian teenager died shortly afterward, succumbing to his injuries.

Meanwhile, Hamas Movement mourned the Palestinian youth Saddam Hussein Bani Odeh.

“As we mourn the heroic martyr, we renew our pledge to continue resisting the occupation until liberation of all of our beloved Palestine,” said the spokesperson for the group, Abdel Latif al-Qanou.

He further called for escalating “resistance in all its forms to deter the occupation and to expel it from our occupied land and restore the usurped rights of our Palestinian people”.

(Source / 16.11.2021)

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