Five Palestinian prisoners continue their hunger strike

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Five Palestinian prisoners continue their open hunger strike in the prisons of the Israeli occupation; Rejecting their administrative detention, Kayed Fasfous, who has been on strike for 122 days, presented them.

The prisoners on strike next to Fasfous are Alaa Al-Araj for 98 days, Hisham Abu Hawash from 89 days, Louay Al-Ashqar from 34 days, and Ayyad Al-Harimi from 52 days.

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The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs stated that the five prisoners are suffering from very difficult health conditions, especially Fasfous, which is still being held in Barzilai Hospital and is experiencing intermittent loss of consciousness, tachycardia, chest tingles, and low blood pressure and fluid levels. In his body, in addition to various aches and pains, which makes him vulnerable to a sudden health setback.

They stressed that if the situation remains as it is, this will lead to great damage to the health status of the Fasfous captive, and cause him problems in the kidneys, heart, lungs, and nervous system.

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They pointed out that a petition was submitted – last Thursday – to the “High” occupation court through the legal department; To demand his release and the revocation of his administrative detention order, after the court decided to freeze the administrative detention order against him twice.

They also pointed out that the Al-Araj prisoner was deceived by the occupation court – yesterday – by extending his detention for eight days, and filing an indictment against him, in occupation procrastination aimed at not responding to the prisoners’ demands and breaking their hunger strike.

The Israeli occupation court reduced the duration of the administrative order issued against the prisoner Abu Hawash from 6 months to 4, which gives the possibility of giving him a new administrative decision after the end of his current detention.

With regard to the two prisoners, Al-Harimi and Al-Ashqar, the commission confirmed that they suffer from weight loss, joint pain, and headache.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Miqdad Al-Qawasma ended his strike, which lasted for 113 days, yesterday, and will be released next February.

(Source / 13.11.2021)

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