Sada Social documents 50 violations during October

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Sada Social Center, which specialized in protecting Palestinian narratives on social media platforms, Thursday documented 50 digital violations in October.

Sada Social said in a press statement that most of the violations were about suppressing Palestinian content and removing some pages completely, during October on Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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The restriction included media and news pages such as  Erm News page. The center was able to cancel the restrictions on its Facebook account but the deletion remained on Instagram. Mitras page was also restricted from publishing and threatened with closure, in addition to the Ultra Palestine page which was prevented from funded advertising. Many other pages of Media agencies were banned from being present or participating on various social media platforms.

The center monitored information showing that Facebook committed other violations including imposing unauthorized restrictions on the Palestinian activist accounts, including activist Mohamed Al-Kurd, whose content were restricted on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to other restrictions that affected Palestinian content during Israel’s offensive on Gaza last May.

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Besides, the administrations of social media platforms continued the aggressive policy of Palestinian content related to the prisoners as the administration of Tik Tok banned videos. The videos contained the name and pictures of Palestinian prisoners, including pictures of the prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi, one of the six re-arrested freedom fighters who escaped from Israel’s high-security Gilboa prison on 6 September, classifying it as “dangerous and terrorist” materials.

The Center along with many institutions interested in digital rights and those that reject the aggressive uses of digital technologies called to support the call made by 400 employees of Amazon and Google, protesting against the two companies selling digital technologies and services to the Israeli occupation army that contribute in oppressing the Palestinian People.

Sada Social also launched during October, which is Cybersecurity Month, a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of digital protection methods and raising awareness of cyber security threats around the world, explaining the need to communicate with the center and the relevant authorities in case of any information breach.

This month witnessed Facebook’s apology for banning the “Al-Aqsa” Hashtag during the Battle of ” Safi Al-Quds”. That was after Facebook justified its violation of Palestinian digital content on the grounds that its algorithms miscalculated between the third holiest site in Islam and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the Fatah movement’s military wing.

(Source / 11.11.2021)

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