Gilboa breakers: We trust resistance and we will be certainly released

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Ya’qoub Qadiri, one of Gilboa prison breakers, said that they trust the resistance and that they strongly believe that they will be released.

During a court hearing on Monday, Qadiri added that Israeli authorities hold them in very harsh conditions, describing the isolation cells, in which they are held, as graves.

“Our freedom is above everything”, Qadiri added. “We salute our people in Sikhnin and Nazareth.” He also stressed that all they want is freedom.

“Palestine is for us all: Jenin, Sikhnin, Umm Al Fahm, Gaza, and Jerusalem. We will go back to all parts of occupied Palestine.”

Qadiri and five other detainees carried out a successful prison break from the highly-secured Gilboa prison last September.

In the same court hearing, Ayham Kamamji promised that they will be released.

In the same context, Iyad Jaradat, who was accused of aiding the six detainees, said that “we will be released soon in a deal by Al Qassam Brigades.”

(Source / 09.11.2021)

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