Israeli municipality hands 10 Jerusalemite families decision to vacate residential building in Al-Tur

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – On Thursday, 10 Palestinian families received decisions from the Israeli occupation municipality to vacate their homes in Al-Hardoub in the town of Al-Tur in the occupied city of Jerusalem within a week, under the pretext of building without a permit.

One of those affected by the eviction decision, Fayez al-Khalafawi, said that the families submitted an appeal to the eviction and demolition decision, but it was rejected, and another request to extend it was also rejected.

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He pointed out that the families submitted several requests to the Jerusalem municipality to license the building, but they were rejected.

He stated that the families received today a final decision to vacate their homes within a week, to begin demolishing it.

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The building has been inhabited by families since 2011 and includes five floors, and the area of ​​each floor is 270 square meters, and each house includes 4 rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Al-Khalafawi, who lives with his two sons, described the eviction decision as unfair, threatening between 60 and 70 people with displacement from their homes.

He said that he lives with his wife, two sons, and their family in two houses in the building, which are the only shelter for about 15 people, and without it, they will be living in the open.

(Source / 06.11.2021)

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