Gaza power station is threatened to stop

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Energy Authority announced that the supply of Qatari diesel has stopped since Tuesday morning, 2/11/2021, to date, and that it was forced to provide diesel from the local market to operate the power station until Sunday morning 7/11/2021.

Authority confirmed that the station is threatened to stop if the Qatari diesel does not enter.

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They call the international community urgent intervention to allow entering Qatari diesel.

They pointed out that if the plant were shut down, the power supply deficit would be around 70%.

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Gaza is in the midst of a severe power crisis with blackouts lasting up to 12 hours every day. The lack of electricity has had a deadly impact on 1.8 million Palestinians living in the coastal strip.

In Gaza, food security, water, sanitation services, healthcare, and education are all threatened by daily interruptions of electricity.
Amidst the many hardships Palestinians endure, blackouts are among the most pervasive, affecting virtually every aspect of daily life.

(Source / 06.11.2021)

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