Hacker group Black Shadow leaks information of hundreds of thousands more Israelis

Hacker group Black Shadow on Tuesday night released private information on nearly 300,000 Israelis receiving medical treatment at the Mor Institute, including patient requests and test results, hours after leaking the personal details of users of an LGBTQ dating app.

The hacker group Black Shadow yesterday also published information on some 30,000 registered users of 103FM Radio’s website and nearly 500,000 customers of Locker Ambin Ltd.

Black Shadow shared the information via an Excel file shared with a new group they created on Telegram.

They also provided links allowing others to download information obtained from the Atraf app.

Black Shadow demanded on Sunday that $1 million be paid to it within 48 hours, or it would leak or sell the rest of the information it collected from Israeli LGBTQ dating app “Atraf”.

On Saturday night, Black Shadow leaked data from various companies serviced by the Israeli Internet company Cyberserve, including Atraf, the Kavim and Dan bus companies and the tour booking company Pegasus.

The latest attack was announced by the group on Friday, with Black Shadow claiming it had damaged the servers.

Earlier that day, they leaked data from the Kavim bus app after previous threats. “They did not contact us …So first data is here,” the group said on Telegram, affixing a photo of what appeared to be a database of Israeli citizens’ personal information. “If you do not contact us, it will be more,” added the group.

Cyberserve is a web hosting company, meaning it provides servers and data storage for other companies across industries. The data seized by the hackers includes a wide variety of businesses, from travel bookings company Pegasus to the Dan bus company and even the Israeli Children’s Museum.

Black Shadow claimed on its Telegram channel on Sunday that neither Israeli government officials nor Cyberserve contacted them about their ransom demand, so they had decided to allow the public to provide the $1 million ransom they were demanding.

“It is obvious this is not an important problem for them,” said the group. “We know everybody is concerned about ‘Atraf’ database. As you know we are looking for money.”

The group promised that if it got the ransom, it would not leak the information of about one million people it had collected from Atraf. The group did not make any promises about any of the other data it had collected.

Black Shadow is responsible for previous attacks on Israeli vehicle insurance company Shirbit and finance company KLS. In its previous attacks, the companies affected claimed that the group was Iranian, despite cybersecurity experts rejecting the claims.

(Source / 03.11.2021)

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