Hamas: Israel’s practices in jails will lead the situation to explode

 زاهر جبارين

DOHA, (PIC) – Member of Hamas’s political bureau Zaher Jabbareen has warned that the current tense situation tends to escalate further as a result of Israel’s persistence in its aggressive and repressive measures against the Palestinian prisoners in its jails.

“The reality in prisons since the Gilboa jailbreak operation is very strained and snowballing into a lot of confrontation with the occupation state,” Jabbareen said in press remarks.

He urged the Palestinian people to rally around their compatriots in Israeli prisons and strongly support them in their struggle against their jailers.

“We, the resistance, are watching everything that is happening in prisons at all levels of leadership, and we have told all the countries that have relations with us that this issue may lead the situation to explode and that the Palestinian people and their resistance cannot remain silent if any harm comes to the prisoners,” the Hamas official said.

(Source / 02.11.2021)

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