IOF injures Palestinian, teargases others in al-Khalil City


AL-KHALIL, (PIC) – A Palestinian teenager suffered from a rubber bullet injury and many others from their exposure to tear gas on Saturday evening during violent clashes with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Bab az-Zawiya area in al-Khalil City.

According to local sources, Israeli soldiers at the entrance to ash-Shuhada street showered Palestinian young men and commercial stores in the nearby street of Bab az-Zawiya with tear gas and fired rubber bullets at them.

One kid was injured by a rubber bullet and others suffered from inhaling tear gas during the events.

Meanwhile, the IOF closed the road leading to the central market in Bab az-Zawiya in central al-Khalil at the pretext of securing the entry of Jewish settlers to an ancient site in the area to mark a religious occasion.

(Source / 31.10.2021)

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