Sources: Settlers spray pepper at teenager face in Hebron

Palestinian teenager was sprayed by settlers
Palestinian teenager was sprayed by settlers

Hebron Gaza post – Israeli settler extremists attacked Palestinian people in the Jaber area of Hebron’s old city, south of the occupied West Bank on Saturday, and pepper-sprayed a youngster, causing facial burns.

According to Aref Jaber, a local anti-settlement activist, the settlers beat local Palestinian residents and yelled profanities at them. After being pepper-sprayed by the attacking settlers, a teenager received burns to his face, according to him.

Around 160,000 Palestinians live in Hebron, with about 800 notoriously hostile Israeli settlers living in colonial compounds in the city’s centre, strongly guarded by Israeli troops.

Israel ejected the only international monitors defending Palestinians in Hebron from the 800 heavily guarded Israelis, one of whom was involved in the 1994 massacre that prompted their deployment.

Settler violence against Palestinians and their property is common in the West Bank, but the Israeli occupation authorities rarely pursue it.

(Source / 30.10.2021)

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