Two Jerusalemites arrested, others assaulted in O. Jerusalem

Yusufiya cemetery

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC) – The Israeli forces arrested on Friday two Jerusalemites, after brutally attacking a group of Jerusalemites stationed at the entrance to the Yusufiya Cemetery, in Occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli police forces heavily fired sound bombs at the residents stationed in the vicinity of the Yusufiya cemetery to protest Israeli attacks on the cemetery.

Meanwhile, Israeli municipality and Israel’s Nature Reserve Authority crews continued Friday morning to destroy graves of dead Palestinians and level land at Al-Yusufiyah cemetery, located just below the historic wall of Occupied Jerusalem, despite strong protests from families of those buried there.

The Israeli municipality crews destroyed several headstones and graves in the cemetery since the start of the week as they proceed to level it as part of Israel’s efforts to change the Arab and Islamic character of the occupied holy city.

Last week, the Israeli municipality demolished part of the cemetery, exposing human remains buried in a section where Arab soldiers killed during the 1967 war were buried.

The municipality seeks to turn the cemetery into a park and paths as part of its plan to build multiple Talmudic parks and trails for Jewish settlers and tourists around the walls of the Old City.

In December 2020, the municipality demolished a stairway and a fence at the cemetery.

In 2014, it prevented Jerusalemite citizens from burying their relatives in the cemetery’s northern area and removed 20 graves of Jordanian soldiers who were killed in the 1967 war.

(Source / 29.10.2021)

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