On national women’s day… 34 Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons

Ramallah (QNN)- The Prisoners’ Association on Tuesday said that the Israeli authorities are holding 34 Palestinian women, including eight mothers and seven wounded women, in prisons.

Marking National Women’s Day, the association said that Palestinian women and men fight side by side, as women take part in all resistance activities. Detained women also take part in all activities that the prisoners’ movement holds.

The Israeli authorities have arrested over 16,000 Palestinian women since 1967. The first female detainee in Palestine was Fatima Barnawi from Jerusalem, who was arrested in 1967 and sentenced to a life sentence, however, she was released in 1977.

The association added that Israeli authorities continue to violate detained women, which goes against the Convention against Torture.

It added that female detainees live inhumane conditions in Israeli prisons. They undergo harsh conditions, in which they are physically and psychologically assaulted. Also, Israeli authorities deprive them of their basic rights, like gathering for prayers or studying. They also violate their right to privacy, as the Israeli Prison Service spreads surveillance cameras in the courtyard of prisons.

The IPS also denies female prisoners access to books or handmade crafts. They also get attacked and tortured by Israeli forces inside prisons.

Female prisoners are held in the Damon prison. The oldest serving prisoner is Amal Taqatqa, who has been in jail since 2014. Meanwhile, the highest serving detainees are Shorouq Dayyat and Shatila Ayyad, who are serving 16 years.

Israeli authorities also hold seven wounded women, including Israa Ja’abis from occupied Jerusalem, who suffers from severe burns following a car accident after which she got arrested by Israeli soldiers.

(Source / 27.10.2021)

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